piano hands

Every summer and school break, I work with Trevy at home. We call it Mommy School. It’s enjoyment is highly debatable. This year, though, I think we both agree it’s J.O.Y. 100%. Today I grabbed a quick clip of his piano time. The Backstory: For YEARS we have been introducing Trevor to the piano. We would try for a little while and then break from … Continue reading piano hands

reading and rhyming and miracles

Because of our life in ministry I have been asked often about “miracles”. Only our idea of miraculous usually isn’t unified. The miracles I see around me have a tendency to pull disappointed looks from those asking. They’re wanting to know about amazing healing. Instead, I share the miracle of peace in spite of health issues, chronic or acute. They want to know about financial … Continue reading reading and rhyming and miracles

humility and curiosity are good things

I have heard many people poo-poo the idea that the immune system has any effect on the brain. It’s not science, they say. All the while, mocking those of us that have chosen to try and reduce internal inflammation (aka, calm the immune system) through herbal remedies and diets. Science is rooted in observation, is it not. I have observed changes in my son’s cognition … Continue reading humility and curiosity are good things

that beautiful, amazing, musical click

I know I did a little FB victory update recently about Trevor learning to independently buckle his seat belt. But the thing is… I’m not sure that I fully captured how amazing this is for me! Such a little thing. Buckling your child’s seatbelt. But it requires energy. And when you don’t have even a drop more to give that little thing can be crushing. There … Continue reading that beautiful, amazing, musical click


Trevor’s nap routine includes cuddling together and sharing happy, scary and/or angry thoughts from his school day. I use the thoughts he shares when we say our nap time prayers. He usually only ever has happy thoughts to share. Today was a normal day and he only had happy thoughts. His speech session was his first happy choice. When I called his ST by her … Continue reading randomnings

Thanksgiving Perspective

It’s easy to get melancholy when you’re dealing with cranky sick people. That’s me. Over here. On Thanksgiving…dealing with cranky sick people rather than eating turkey and pie.     But I was reminded that it’s still November. Which means it’s still epilepsy awareness month. Which reminded me that 7 Thanksgivings ago we were dealing with a different kind of sickness.     7 Novembers … Continue reading Thanksgiving Perspective

complaining about seeing Miss. Speech

  Trevor was not excited about his weekly outpatient speech session yesterday. He’s recovering from a nasty virus. And I kinda don’t blame him for wanting to be lazy. The thing is…I know in my bones how important this therapy is to him. That thought gave me pause.   So I asked him if he knew why he sees Miss. Speech. He said no. I … Continue reading complaining about seeing Miss. Speech

Dear Lord…I survived

  Dear Lord…I survived.     And I DO mean survived.     By the skin of my teeth.     Dental appointments for all three children. Because I’m crazy. At a dentist located 40 minutes away. Because the local dentists broke up with us. It’s a Trevy thing.     Somehow Trevor wound up shirtless and shoe less during the car ride home.   … Continue reading Dear Lord…I survived