how I torture my children…

I don’t know if it does in your house…

but in mine

summer boredom breeds sibling squabbling.

I finally resorted to making them hug it out!

Which…to my surprise…ended in laughter!

Maybe I’m on to something….


6 thoughts on “how I torture my children…

  1. haha – that's what my parents made us do when we were little! and i've tried it with mine, only to b surprised that it actually does work! now, i don't think it's the right punishment if they're about to rip into each other already – but for the constant sibling squabbling back & forth – just picking to get each other's attention, it works amazingly well! :0)

  2. Sharon…agreed! Timing is key! Lately it’s been that back n’ forth junk! ugh! Altho…right now they’re off having fun. TOGETHER! It’s such a nice break for mommy! Jen…lol…I’m lovin’ the mental pic! Mom…if you like this pic…you’ll love tomorrow’s post! Tons of Trevy photos! I try to keep a running supply for you guys! When Dad comes we’ll have real photos for you guys! xoxo…danielle

  3. I remember when my mom and dad tried to make my brother’s hug while they were bickering….it turned into a wrestling match and many bruises and cuts later…. This is what I’m picturing in Jen’s house!!! lol

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