that face

Don’t you dare be fooled by that face…

that so-cute-you-just-wanna-squeeze-him-til-his-curls-go-straight face.

Because all that face reveals…

is the fact that J & I have been gifted with the ability to create cute babies. We have two others reflecting the same giftedness.


What that little face does not reveal…unless one looks with much effort into the mischievous gleam twinkling in those what-can-I-get-into-next eyes…

is that this child…belonging to that face…suffers from no-fear-sydrome. Zero. Notta. Hamna!

Which I learned today whilst shampooing my carpets. A job that was due quite some time ago but just this morning found the opportunity to be done.

This morning I learned that the littlest of my cuties has no fear of…

noisy water-spewing & sucking machines…

no fear of…

rubbery conduits of electricity which also make fabulous teethers to cheeky babies…

no fear of…

little wet tootsie slipping on tiled cement floors…

and no fear of…


Actually…he found all of the above quite fascinating.

And I found that my shouting has left me hoarse…and equally happy it’s nap-time!


6 thoughts on “that face

  1. HA HA HA!!!! I love it! I swear I think he & Connor were separated at birth. Connor's big thing is climbing on the kitchen table & standing! No fear what so ever…he's the least afraid of Mommy. i loved your story that went along with the picture…priceless. Oh…congrats on getting your carpet cleaned! That is on my to do list where it has remained for quite a while. Big hugs..monica

  2. Cutie! What a stinker! Totally fearless. I guess everything they have been through, all the hospital trips and scary machines they have been hooked up to, a steam cleaner is nothing! I really need to do that too! Our carpets are overdue. I haven’t done it since last October. I hate that Kay crawls around on the yucky carpet.

  3. lol…that is the cutest little dirty face! I too understand the no fear syndrome, my husband comments about not letting common sense or fear stop you! My oldest is of this mind sense. It gets us both into trouble and maybe much later some laughter.It seems like all moms are in need of carpet cleaning. Mine too! The spots from sippy cups that aren’t supposed to leak gross me out! But…sigh…it’ll have to wait another day. Congrats to you on getting that accomplished, with your fearless helper about too!:)

  4. Pretty much every photo of Trev you post gives me the impression that he is living ‘in the next moment’ already planning what he’s going to do next. It’s the eyes, a window to the soul – and apparently a few other things too.Ian M

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