chasing Trevy

In many ways (you know the other than the 40 seizures a day ways!) Trevy is just another typical toddler. Making messes. Causing mischeif. Cute as heck! Aggravatin’ mommy & the sibs.

For instance…

He recently did this…please note the dark color is NOT nailpolish!

to this!

Yep…Trevy managed to chuck a rock that might have weighed more than he. Onto the above cutie pie’s big toe! Which blackened shortly thereafter. And whose demise we’ve been waiting for since! Grams insists it’ll fall off eventually!

He’s been found armed with markers…or crayons…or other destructive materials. Coupled with an impish smirk…in case we doubted his naughty intent.

I’ve randomly come across him hunched in a corner. Making a Daddy sized *stinky*…

And that’s not the only time he hides either. It’s become a little game of hide n’ seek anytime the word “Nite Nite” is uttered! Which is a wonderful sign of reception. A not so wonderful sign of less nap times in the air!
And should I successfully capture the little runaway and tuck him in for nice rest…
he’s learned that throwing his blankie outta the bed always results in mommy coming to the rescue!

And mommy’s learned this week that cell phone calls are quite efficient at distracting me from my keeping-an-eye-on-the toddler duties…

as did Trevy! Yes…that is last year’s pellet stove soot ALL over my house!

And even though some days have leave me flustered…and exhausted…and wondering what the heck was I thinking?!

The Truth is…
I wouldn’t give it up for anything! I love my kids…I love their antics that make them them…I love being here to share in all those crazy moments!

I love her princess & sass addiction!

I love his creativity & energy & craving to watch Fetch with Ruff Ruffman!

And I love Trevy for all his mischief & toddler-y ways.

Course…he’ll always have the upper hand with his how-patheticly-adorable-do-I-look-now-mommy ACE to play! But chances are he’ll never need it anyway!


11 thoughts on “chasing Trevy

  1. Every time Jeff asks what we were thinking having kids, I remind him how boring and mundane our life would be without them!Gosh, the drive me batty on a dialy basis, but I, too, wouldn’t change a thing.

  2. jaden loves fetch too! i heart PBS!!!the pic of u cracked me up – that’s how i feel most days! ~lol~ but u’re right – wouldn’t trade it for the world!!! :0)xoxox,sharon

  3. I’ll admit it…I’m dying laughing at all of Trevy’s antics. I would be no good around him. I always think with Connor when he is getting into Trevy-like antics that I’m so thankful because when he was first diagnosed I didn’t know if he’d be able to do anything so when he climbs up on the kitchen table I think what great motor skills! When he sticks his hand in the toilet up to his elbow…how sweet he loves water play!! He gets away with everything with me…except the waking up in the middle of the night all the time…that bugs me. Thanks for sharing all of your monkeys’ antics with us. i could eat them all up! As cute as they are they can get away with anything.

  4. Jen…I remind Jonathan that he happily contributed to the progression of our family! *wink* Sharon…I made sure I got some nose ring sparkle in the pic! Monica…I’m with you laughing at all the cute middle of the day stuff. The middle of night? It’s gotta go! lol…danielle

  5. The little stinker!! This post had me rolling! We are having the same trouble with Kay. She’s Kayleezilla 🙂 Every time I turn around she’s in to something.Love the sparkly nose ring, deary! So fabulous 🙂

  6. Oh WOW. his antics reminds me so much of some stuff Dawson is starting to pull. We like to refer to it as “Life Happening” Looks like there is a lot of life happenings at your house. how fun!!!Thanks for sharing the pics

  7. It is SOOOO exhausting trying to keep up with the kids…why can’t I have half their energy!!! But I love it. I love finding random things in random places…wondering what Sophie was thinking when she picked it up and put it there.Your kids are way too adorable. The look on Bristel’s face in the first picture…priceless…she could get away with anything with those gorgeous blue eyes.

  8. I enjoyed this one! It just made me realize how much I’m looking forward to that…regardless how much energy it will require on my end!! A stinky in the corner…priceless!! I can’t wait!Those kiddos of yours are too too cute! Oh, and Trevy’s little curls…so precious!🙂 Holli

  9. Shanna…our kids are just meant for eachother! btw…I’m now reffering to my nose adornment…and my nose ring bling! *wink* Dawson’s Fam…yep…lot’s o life happening around here! Elaine…I love the quirky little things that leave me thinking “huh?”…and Bristel is gonna be trouble in highschool. Those eyes. That tude! Yikes! Holli…it just gets better n’ better! I loveD Trevy’s curls too…came home the other day and hubster says “wanna see our young Republican?” I was confused…until I saw he’d cut Trevy’s hair all off! But he’s still cute!…danielle

  10. I feel the same way as you Danielle, while the girls drive me up the wall, I love ’em to pieces and can’t imagine my life without them. Last night, Marissa gave me an attitude in front of daddy and Daddy said to her, “What did I tell you about giving mom attitude? What would happen?” She looks right at him and says, “You said you’d give me an ass whoopin”!!! I, thankfully was behind her, so she couldn’t see me laughing quietly. It took every ounce of self control dad had not to bust out laughing. What he said was he’d whoop her heiny so I have no idea why she said what she did, but kids are so much fun, even when they are driving you crazy.

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