picture marathon

We went history hunting for Columbus Day…

Rhode Island is historically rich and we found this hidden gem.

Founder’s Brook is where the Portsmouth Compact can be found tucked away in a secret garden…

complete with a babbling brook!

We had the secret garden to ourselves…

so we let the kids romp around…enjoying the remnants of summer warmth…

Trevy would explore for awhile…and then come back for some snuggling

I’m not sure why…or when…but it’s become a habit to kiss his pudgy little hand.

It’s just our thing.

We were so proud of Toby as he read the plaque with very little stumbling…
not bad for a just beginning the 2nd grade-er!

Toby & Bristel had to prove they could conquer the big boulder…

Bristel is definately our clown. Her poses never cease to crack us up!


the natural pictures are awfully cute too!

I love my boys…

You can see it in his eyes…

he was gonna book it!

that face is priceless! Grams captioned it “Freeeeeeeedom!”

Who am I kidding! This is why we don’t waste money on the pros!

Bibi & Babu (and all the other scattered family) we hope you enjoyed the picture marathon!


10 thoughts on “picture marathon

  1. We haven’t had a true family portrait done since 2004. I cringe just remembering what we went through for that picture. Eventually we have to do it again, but I am NOT looking forward to it!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! i love any post that includes pics of mama – but ESPECIALLY ones with the whole fam! :0) glad u guys got to sneak away & enjoy the last little bit of summer!xoxox,sharon

  3. Monica…I was totally having a good hair day! btw my FAVORITE hairstylist ever is in Raleigh. SalonBlu Tana…seriously the only stylist who always had me leaving loving my cut! Jen…the last professional family portrait we had done…looks awful! Our stress transferred onto the film! Other than Toby’s eyes being closed…I think that one is pretty good! Sharon…I’m usually mannin’ the camera! Shanna…that Trevy pic is priceless…cause we see that look often but never catch it on film! Abbe…hmmmmm…maybe I’ll make it a regular thing?! I want to work on my skills anyway…hmmmmm…danielle

  4. Love the pictures! You have such a beautiful family. I’m not sure if Toby’s eyes were actually closed all the way, looks like he was squinting because of the sun! Anyway, I love it when kids get that “freedom” look to their face and actually break free and start running. It’s like they are begging to be caught! lolWe usually get a family picture done every Christmas and thankfully, none have gone wrong so far! *knocks on wood* lol

  5. In the last couple of weeks, I've taken to kissing Emma's hand & palm too. That's so funny.I want to go get the kids pictures taken, but I'm a little afraid. All we can really afford is to go to JCPenney. They take nice enough pictures and they're relatively cheap. But I have no idea if they'll be able to handle Emma and her moving and attention issues. I may just have to suck it up and go try. It can't hurt, right?

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