costume party picture marathon


11 thoughts on “costume party picture marathon

  1. Yup…Trevy ended up being the headless Penguin and Toby Nick Markakus of the O’s. I only let Tobes get away with it cause the skeleton shirt was only $2! We all had fun. This was the first time our kids have ever had the chance to really go trick or treating! We’ve either been travelling or in Africa! *smile* …danielle

  2. Ben didn’t want to wear his mask trick or treating. Someone asked (based on the body suit) if he was a jockey. Aside form the fake muscles, I could kind of see how he thought that. (and yes now I know you need to click over to my blog to see the pic again!)Jeff got himself in trouble though. I didn’t want to carry the mask so I was wearing it backwards on my head… to which Jeff commented (and was subsequently punched in the arm!)… “I always knew you were two faced”

  3. They all looked so cute!!!! (especially the little princess!)Christian was Dustin Pedroia from the Red Sox…& even got some extra candy at one house for it *LOL*. So Toby's costume made me laugh…they really are two peas in a pod!Ava REFUSED to even get into the Blue's Clues costume….so Matt pushed her in the stroller covered in her hiteously ugly “Toby Cat” blanket we got during a hospital visit. (It's covered with weird looking cat faces).Madison was a Patriots Cheerleader (the mommy version!) *LOL*

  4. How cute they ALL look. You know I really loved my girl Bristel’s costume…she looks so pinkalish! I love the Farrah hair in the 4th picture too. Connor wasn’t too thrilled with wearing his “head” at first either. It sooo reminded me of Connor looking at Trevy’s pics as always!

  5. By the way….not sure if I ever mentioned that Toby is our cats name. So her “Toby Cat” blanket is named after our cat.I realized that I said it was an ugly blanket (I’m going to post a picture of it on my blog….then you’ll really laugh) named “Toby Cat”…and I didn’t want you to think for some dimented reason it was named after the REAL Toby!

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