will you pray with me?

It’s funny how our lives intersect in the most unexpected ways. If it weren’t for Trevor’s IS diagnosis…which resulted in my friendship with Shanna from G5…I never would have stumbled onto Mama Skates site. Our paths never would have crossed. But they unexpectedly (to us let me add) did. I believe they were meant to. And I was taken by her charm…and wit…and cute glasses…and oh my word cakes immediately!

Sharon…I’ve grown to adore you over this past year. And your family. You’ve walked by my cyber-side through these months of sadness…and happiness…and stress…and have always been a ray of sunshine in my life.

I want to be that for you too! I’m praying with every beat of my heart that this isn’t cancer…that you caught TB from me! I’ve been to crazy exotic TB saturated places after all! I don’t know the Plans that are written for your life, sweetie…but I’m so happy that I was given a part in it…

And I’ll be on my knees for you…and your family (it’s always harder on them you know) as this chapter of your life unfolds…


4 thoughts on “will you pray with me?

  1. thx my love – i adore u too! u've taken ahold of a special place in my heart – u and ur family! i soooo appreciate ur love & support & especially ur prayers!we just got home…no answers 2day – they had to schedule the biopsy for another day (dec 4) cause they want the whole node & have to put me under for that…heard just about the exact same thing 2day as i heard yesterday, but from a diff doc…glad curtis was with me 2day to hear it toostill playing that dreadful waiting game…but i'm glad i can forget about it until after thxgiving and gabby's bday…all these scans & tests & appts were really cramping my planning & preparation! ;0)luv u girl! u mean the world to me!sharon

  2. whoa, saw my face in ur linkwithin thingy under one of ur recent posts…went back & read this & almost lost it…u were so supportive 2 me thru all the cancer schmancer stuff…now i'm all better & u're battling the big IS demon…surgery next week & i'm not quite sure what 2 say…i'm praying HARD 4 u guys – i wish i could do more! stay strong girl – u r a total inspiration 2 me!!!

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