This time of year always has the sappy oozing right outta me. I adore the holidays. The shopping. The Christmas-y cartoons. The houses all a-glow. It’s the one time of year that I actually like cluttering up my house with stuff. Cause it just looks so pweety. What can I say…I’m just crazy like that!

But in particular I have tons of fun celebrating family traditions!

And so I introduce our just implemented this year cause I stumbled onto a blog and thought it was too cute not to tweak and make it our own which is good cause I’m totally bored with the corn kernel thingie

Thanksgiving Tree

A coupla weeks in advance we (meaning mommy & kiddos) went on a nature walk. And collected fallen branches.

Once at home…we placed the branches in a vase to wait until Thanksgiving Day. Cause I’m all about the build up too.

On the big day after most of the feast was well under way…we (again meaning mommy & kiddos ::smile:: Daddy was on the phone with fam) traced hand leaves onto construction paper.

Which is great for keep sake-ing. How fun will it be to pull the oldies out next year and match sizes with the newbies?

Every plate was then graced with two Thanksgiving Tree leaves. If not fine china. ::grin::

In between mouthfuls we took turns writing (or saying…and letting mommy write) the things we’re thankful for this year.


We have a lot to be thankful for…but we’re keepin’ it a family secret!

After binging…but conveniently before cleaning…we hung our leaves on our Thanksgiving Tree.

And the verdict is…

we’re totally doing this again next year!


I’d love to hear all about your own family traditions? Or lack thereof!


8 thoughts on “traditionally

  1. Sounds like I could swap my wife for you at this time of the year and never notice. Rachel has started her traditional pre-December little jig every time you mention 1st December and Christmas decorations. It will get steadily worse over the next few weeks (for worse, that means better) and then a couple of days before Christmas I will do my traditional pre-Christmas activity of overspending.Can’t wait!

  2. what an adorable idea! we talk even more about what we’re thankful for around thanksgiving, but we don’t have an activity like this 2 help it really resonate w/ the kiddos – how neat! i might have 2 borrow this next year! ;0)glad u guys had such a traditionally joyful thanksgiving! much luv sweets!sharon

  3. That’s fabulous! I love it! Something tangible instead of just talk and food…no talking with your mouth full!:)We don’t do anything….besides eat. Now that the boys are a little older it’s time to get creative here….hmmmm…Thanks for sharing!

  4. We all eat too much then run from house to house to visit family! Of course Jeffy’s pie fits in there too! We each have one piece left for tonight. I might have to say this is the best one yet!Any news from Boston??

  5. Ian…I knew I liked Rachel for a reason! *wink* Sharon…I figured you for a crafty girl? lolMmmmm…Seriously…if I had tried this last year it probably woulda flopped. But Toby & Bri are old enough to appreciate this year. And Trevy just had to keep his hand still for two secs while I traced it! It was definately a fun project…a keeper. *smile*Jen…I'm in awe that you guys still have a piece of pie leftover! Not in our house! Although we do have turkey from now until… I waited til the last sec & they only had 20 lbers left!

  6. It’s hard not to have leftover pie. That pie I pictured on my blog… easily weighs 20 lbs. It has 12 cups of apples in it. Six of us had pie on T-Day and there was still nearly 3/4 left to take home! We’ve each had a piece every night since T-day with one left for each of us tonight. Generally it doesn’t hold up well, but the apples are still firm and the topping is still crunchy. Definitely our best yet!

  7. What a wonderful idea! Now, if I remember this by next year, I can do this with my girls.Marissa brought home a project from school of what she was thankful for and she had written: “My mommy, Haylee, and my daddy” on it. I almost cried….then she showed me what I had missed….and my little baby sister who isn’t born yet. She obviously had help writing it all…but it was precious!

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