hint of fall (picture marathon)

It was SO lovely outside yesterday that I had the brilliant idea to go pack up & head to the best (ie. closest) park around!

Although…about halfway through the bundle & buckle routine I was ready to change my mind!


Hey Mommy…can we have THIS Christmas tree?

Wow…those eyes…

Brothers keepers

Toby enjoying some much needed (and craved) alone time…

It was my goal to caputre as many Trevy smiles & eyes as I could

Bristel’s chilly grin…

Toby is becoming rather useful. I sent him to chase & retrieve Trevy about a thousand times!
Trevy’s face cracks me up. He’s ovbiously loving the Catch me if you Can game!


I’ve had some seriously cranky days lately. Mommy thing?
But somehow just hanging out with my kiddos…watching their little faces glow with fun…
it’s really nice. And sometimes the crankies even melt away.

Bonus Pics…

This is the view…

from the top of our street…

where our new house lives! I’ll post pics of our place once we’re moved in & settled-ish.

We’re set to close on the 18th!


6 thoughts on “hint of fall (picture marathon)

  1. Love ALL of your cute little monkeys!! I’m so jealous of your view. I’m such a water junkie. I can’t wait to see your new house.I totally understand the mommy crankies…you’re definitely allowed to have them!! If you ever want to chat…I’m here for ya. {{HUGS}}

  2. How exciting about your new home…what a great view!!There’s something to be said for getting out of theh house and just “being” isn’t there? We don’t do it often enough….takes alot of effort….but once we’re there it’s so worth it…especially when the Littles are tired after all that fresh air!Beautiful shots. Love all three of your babies smiles. They’re full of light!

  3. Wonderful pics! Looks like everyone enjoyed the time out in ths sunshine. And sounds like Mom enjoyed it just as much.Was gonna take the girls out to play in the snow at the park up the street yesterday, but then the high winds kicked in…poor kids were so depressed. Nothing like some Noggin watching to cure those moods though!Love the new view…can’t wait to see the new house pictures!

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