picture marathon

Soooooo…here it is at last! The new diggs!

The first floor circles around the staircase…which the kiddos LOVE running around!

The Living room…

Jonathan & I bought that couch as newlyweds…
We stored it for two years…then shipped it to Tanzania for another two years…

And now it’s finally home! Building new memories!
I designed our dining table. It was hand crafted at Carver’s Market in Dar es Salaam TZ…
By Mr. Maka…who was VERY proud of his work!

And actually…so were we! In fact…we later had him build the entertainment unit in our living room!

These chairs can be found everywhere in TZ!
I always meant to have rockers put on the bottom of this one…
…cause it’s a personal passion to have a rocking chair grace every room in the house!

but Trevy doesn’t seem to mind!

The kitchen is small-ish…but we love it anyway!

Bristel…such a ham!

The 3rd bedroom is on the first floor…but functions much more practically as a play room!

The only bummer is just one itty bitty bathroom.

My goal (which may be news to Jonathan!) is to add a second within the next two years!

Little pieces of Tanzania fill our house…like this basket which was hand woven and was being
sold for an outrageous price at some tourist-y place…
Swahili comes in handy at times like that…
…cause that’s what seperates you from the Wageni!
The Stairs (aka therapy equipment)
btw…that green carpet was EVERYWHERE! J & I pulled up everything but the stairs…and are loving the hardwoods instead! Although refinishing is totally a once the kids are bigger job!
J’s office…anyone wanna come help us get it put together?

Toby n’ Bri want to share a room…just so long as it’s not with Trevy!

But I let him sneak in when they’re not looking!
Boxes boxes everywhere!
The master…

I’ve always wanted a red wall!

And the best part?

The water view!

(may appear larger than in real life!)


10 thoughts on “picture marathon

  1. Home sweet home!How exciting!Love the idea of a play room on the main floor.And find it kinda funny that the older two have this little united front in their private room but a certain little someone invades their territory unbeknown to them. Too cute!!:)Enjoy your new abode & the lovlies that make it a home.

  2. Beautiful!! Definitely looks like a cozy home suitable for making tons of memories! Toby & Bristel want to room together….for now. =)I too want a red wall!! Love the table..definitely a priceless piece. Trevy may be jealous of Connor's ball bit, but I'm beyond jealous of your view of the water!

  3. Wish you girls all lived closer & we could hang out…let the kiddos destroy the playroom while we sip Irish coffee! *smile* And the water view does rock! We never thought we'd have a house with a (itty bitty) water view! Plus…free access to our local beach! It's sweet! …danielle

  4. Hmmmm…well should the Marrey fam ever find themselves on the other side of the ocean…you've friends to stay with! And I'll even throw in some “tidy-up” lessons too! xoxoxo…to you & the fam! …danielle

  5. Wonderful pictures. It looks so much like a home already and you’ve only just moved in. I had to laugh at Bri and Toby bunking together in a united front against Trevy. Trevy will be the one laughing it up when Bri and Toby get old enough to want their own rooms…lol

  6. btw…Love that table! What awesome work!!! And don’t feel to bad about the bathroom, yours is bigger than mine is!!! lol

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