we heart global warming!

Seriously…I think we’ve shoveled more snow this winter than is worth the water view!

Although snow lashes are awfully cute


8 thoughts on “we heart global warming!

  1. I’d help you with J’s office but it is in better shape than Pops!BTW Love all the pictures. I’d rather look at pictures any day. Which I’m waiting for my pictures for my coasters.

  2. Mom…you should see it today! The snow day gave him enough time to get it in pretty good shape! btw…I FORGOT about the pix! I’ll try to order them today! Jen…we woke up this morning to another THREE inches! J’s outside shovel-cussin’ right now! …danielle

  3. Normally, Jeff (and I) are anal about having the driveway cleared. But even he is sick of shvelling and snow blowing. We’ve been driving over it lately. SO out of character for us 🙂

  4. And you guys are snow people! We’re almost there! We love our huge four car driveway…’cept when it snows! *smile*btw…if you were to guess…how far would you say we are from Albany? I could MapQuest it…buuuuut…Jonathan might be attending a pastor’s conference up there next month?! I’m not sure if it would work out…but who knows you could me the hubster too?! …danielle

  5. About 20 minutes, max! Close enough that I wouldn’t think twice about driving there (thats where the local hospital is). We could even give you guys a place to stay if you want!! We have a guest room!! Keep me posted!!

  6. I’m loving the snow. Ok, maybe thats cuz I spend more time playing in it with the girls than shoveling it, and since I don’t have to snowblow anything….actually I wish I did have a snowblower just to clear out my parking space where my landlord loves to pile the snow….grrr….but I don’t mind the shoveling…good workout and the kids love playing in the snow while I shovel.

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