fairfax goes to rhode island picture marathon

We were thrilled to host Fairfax for a short time…and continue to increase awareness about Infantile Spasms!

This picture marathon is in no particular order…mostly because I’m getting awfully frustrated with the hourly shut down habit of my laptop! Ugh!

Trevy & Austin & Fairfax at Boston Children’s…

Trevy showing Fairfax the fishies….

Fairfax joined us at our local Mickey D’s family night…

and we were able to share about Fairfax’s journey around the world for kiddos like Trevy

Fairfax joined Trevy for his therapy sessions…
Work it out Bunny!

In my departure haste I forgot to slip the bunny in my heading to DC bag…
but he did proof my testimony for me!

Did you hear that?

That’s Fairfax begging us to hurry up & send him somewhere warm already!

Fairfax got lotsa lovin‘…
Course to Trevy nothin‘ says I love you like being tossed around the room!

And lil‘ Fairfax finally got his wish to head somewhere warm…
He’s on his way to sunny CA!

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