bristel’s birthday picture marathon (finally!)

So this was Bristel the night before her party…
down for the count with the hurlie bug!

I crossed my fingers…and frosted the cake…

decked the table…

…and even wrapped the gifts anyway! In left over Christmas paper!

And this was Bristel the next morning! Out with the hurlies…on with the party!

Trevy may have had the most fun out of everybody! He LOVED playing toss n’ chase with the tissue paper

Poor Tobes…he didn’t bounce back quite as quickly as the b-day girl.

We’re party minimalists. Birthdays are spent with family only. But the b-day-ee gets to choose the cake…the theme…and the food!
Bristel wanted pizza…chocolate cake…soda…and a My Little Pony theme
She had SO much fun that she’s still talking about her My Little Pony Party!

I love this pic! My gang of sicksters were totally wiped out afterwards!

and spent the rest of the day camped out on the couch…

Just like this!


7 thoughts on “bristel’s birthday picture marathon (finally!)

  1. D, don’t feel bad, we are the same way in our house! Family only and my oldest will be 7 this year. With the new baby coming, no friends this year either! The girls do get a cake from the grocery store bakery though…mom’s not much of a baker!! lol And yes, they do get to choose their own themes too. Glad to hear that Bristel had fun. Of course she bounced back fast, all girls will when there is a birthday party on the line!! lol Hope everyone is fully recovered from the sickies now!

  2. Awwww…that's a wonderful bday story! We're bday minimalists too…I don't know about there but's way over board here. People spend waaaaaay too much money on the whole shabang (uh, I've seen one yr olds party that are licensed (alcohol) rented hall, full catered meal and the works…for a 1yr old! We have friends for the 1st bday but the rest we havent' & I make the cake and then we have a special family date. It's lovely to have it just family.The pic of your camped out sickies is sweet. Makes you want to bring them all a hot chocolate, special movie & snuggle in.Hope everyone is tip top shape now.

  3. All that matters is whether or not they have fun, which despite the sickies, she looked like she did 😉 Javi is really the only one that we make a big production because he is a “birthday” person, plans it out months in advance. The rest of us are just happy to have cake and pizza with the fam.

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