After our big stinky-pade the other day…I ended up shampooing everything in sight. And turned on the ceiling fan to help with the drying.

Trevy was seriously fascinated!


5 thoughts on “fan-sanation

  1. For some reason my RSS isn’t updating your blog. I just thought I’d check to make sure and low and behold, new updates!! Argh, guess I will just subscribe via email.Kay loves fans too. It’s so funny to watch them watch fans. Especially when they spin their heads a little with it 🙂

  2. Hi,I’m totally new to your blog and this whole experience, but this caught my eye right away…fan fascination. Does he have it often?If you could please resond to my e-mail address as blogger sends all my responses I get to an e-mail address I can’t get access to anymore and I’d love to hear from you on that.Klilly@creatusmaximus.comThanks,Ken

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