run in with a radiator

Trevor vs. The Radiator

Trevor 2…

knots on the head that is!

The Radiator 1…

spelled w-o-n!


Trevy gets VERY falldown-y when he’s tired!


8 thoughts on “run in with a radiator

  1. even when he looks like a prize fighter who’s seen better days, he’s so stinkin’ beautiful. xoxo to you all!abbe 🙂ps — last night in my dream, i was heidi klum’s daughter, but also somehow bristel’s grandma. talk about strange! 🙂

  2. Aw poor Trevy!! I’m sure you’ve smothered him in kisses to make the booboo all better right?! *smiles* I bet he’s a tough little guy though and probably brushed it off after a bit.

  3. Holy Moses! That’s an egg alright. Did you tell him it’s too early for Easter? Poor little guy! Kay also had a run in with the toy baby grand piano. It also won and almost took her front tooth too. Two split lips and a bruised gum. Plenty of blood and tears went along with it too. Hope he heals fast. Man, if it’s not one thing…

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