Jonathan was washing Bristel’s hair. And chatting about our nightly Jeopardy habit.

Says daddy…

You sure are learning a lot from Jeopardy.

Says sudzy daughter…


I’m very learning how to sleep!


Although it tickled my funny spot just as much that Jonathan hollered to me…

Quick babe…I’ve got one for your random-things!


On the topic of things that make me laugh…

It totally cracked me up the other day in the mommy room. We were all chatting about our kids. And the topic of PT came up. I mentioned that Trevy doesn’t have PT anymore.

The mom across from me looked appalled as she blurted…

You do know he walks funny right?

I do! But I’m of the persuasion that it’s part of his undeniable Trevy charm!


The Scene: I haven’t been getting the greatest sleep. Even with Trevy doing better. Which means I’m a cranky morning person. At least until the first coffee’s had a chance to settle. The following conversation took place in the midst of my morning cuppa.

Toby: Mom…I love you

Me: I love you too sweetie

::pause in conversation::

Toby: You know mommy…you start out so grumpy. But the longer the day goes on…the more loving you get!


Bristel modeling some of her baby clothes which I recently dug out of the basement to free-cycle

She wasn’t too happy about the thought of another little girl wearing her stuff! After she managed to wriggle her 4 year old bod into that 6-9 month sized dress she triumphantly declared…

See Mommy…

it DOES fit!

Cause it covers my undies!

Jonathan says that philosophy won’t fly in a few years!


In the morning madness I had forgotten about Trevy’s drawn B-6.

Which is why it took me a minute to understand why he was suddenly howling in protest. From his perch on my hip…he was given a view of the waiting to torment him gooey pink syringe.

There was no doubt that he didn’t like what he saw!

Fussing is a form of communication right?


2 thoughts on “random-nings

  1. She’s right, it does fit. Don’t know how comfortably tho 😉 About the PT, a wise therapist once told me, therapy isn’t the answer to everything. Sometimes love and patience are the answer. If you spend your life in therapy, when will u have time for play and real life experience.

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