their ways

I LOOOOOVE the way…

Trevy watches tv…

The way he puts his little crooked feet…

The way he rests his little elbows on the table…

And looks SO intently…

For no more than five minutes in a row…

Don’t you just wanna pinch that little diaper bum-bum?! Aren’t I lucky that I get to!?

Oh…and I LOVE her tv watching ways too!


8 thoughts on “their ways

  1. Trevy’s absolutely pinchable!Hey I think Bri has the same lovey as Connor. Does it have a doggie head with a red “collar”?? At least the blanket part looks identical.

  2. Connor actually has two identical lovies. We found an extra to have JUST IN CASE. However only one is truly loved. It’s a she and she has seen better days. Her poor collar is threadbare!I will have to show Connor the picture!

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