so cute I couldn’t resist (a picture marathon)

Okay…so here’s the deal. I was gonna caption each picture. But here’s the thing…I kinda suck at captions. In fact…I hate captions! And I’m too stinkin’ tired anyway. Plus Blogger is too big of a pain to format. Seriously…take a hint from FaceBook already. And besides. I only post the EEG pics cause Trevy rocks the outfit with those huge Lover Boy eyes!

So my wonderful bloggy friends…

I bid you…enjoy my (almost) wordless picture marathon!

I’ll post what we learned later. When my brain isn’t so fuzzy. Ha! Good luck with that…right?!

But how sweet is God…look what we found waiting for us at home! A bushel of beautiful tulips. In purple. Which to me represents Hope…


7 thoughts on “so cute I couldn’t resist (a picture marathon)

  1. precious pics! a vivid reminder of our recent visit to the vmr wing!anxious to hear more about it…i’ve been checking in like crazy! get some much needed REST!!

  2. Love the pics!!! He’s such a cute little guy!!How appropriate that the tulips be purple!!! Did you guys know they were planted there?? If not, I’d say it’s definitely a sign….

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