a princess doesn’t need teeth

Bristel has been such a super hero princess!

She only got misty eyed when the dentist had to take an x-ray. Everything else was cake!

Dr. Toofer said what with the swelling and newness of the trauma…it was hard to say just how much damage was done. And scheduled a follow-up for next week.

Bri-bee did lose a whole tooth. Roots to tip! Makes me a little queasy lookin’ at it…

I sent the kids on a scavenger hunt yesterday afternoon to find the missing chomper. And they did…jammed between the back step! The accident itself happened out front… I’m no PI or anything…but the back step tooth leads me to believe that Bristel cracked her mouth again when she passed out!

A second tooth was chipped. Which was probably the chunkies I saw coming from her mouth. I know…lots of gory details!


And a third was moved. It’s now pointing towards her tonsils…

The doc doesn’t really want to remove the tooth. Evidently it’s better to leave it for nature’s course. Cause after all…we’re all happy it’s just her baby teeth! (yes…I AM rolling my eyes! Cause seriously…my mommy heart doesn’t think barbarically losing baby teeth is any better than the biggies!)

Her already juicy lips are super swollen too!

And maybe I’m crazy…

but I swear…

she couldn’t be more adorable!

In fact…she begged to come along to Toby’s ball game last night. So she could show off her “broken toof”.

And show it off she did! To anybody who’d listen! Which she now has a lisp too…

and seriously…

SUPER cute!

Like last night at the game…

She plopped down in her lil’ hot pink chair.

Scanned the crowd with her puffy lips and snaggle teeth…

princess face beaming…

and said…

and I quote…

“Ahhhhh…I jush feel shhhhoooooo boot-i-ful!”

God help me…

I LOVE this girl!


12 thoughts on “a princess doesn’t need teeth

  1. wow…She is taking it all so well! I can only see my oldest screaming and crying that she will not step foot out of the house until all is well again…yes, she’s that vain and only 7! *sigh*

    Those pictures just make me want to gather her up in my arms and rock her and cry.

    Does it hurt her at all??

  2. She hasn’t complained AT ALL about pain! Honestly…I think she’s giddy with all the attention. I’ve been keeping her hopped up on tylenol though…and watching for fevers. Which would not be good!

    I love that sense of confidence that she has! I’m praying hard that she always always keeps it! And deeply believes that beauty isn’t about the bod…cause lord knows it’s been an area of struggle for me! But that’s another blog! lol


  3. Yeah…I second that motion after packing last years summer clothes away for :skinnier: days. I love thepictures…and ….well…..it reminds me of when Christian fell right outside our house and needed stitches. I swear (middle child syndrome…I am one myself after all) he did just maybe need a little extra lovin’. Wonder if he confessed that one yesterday.?

  4. Yeah she was showing her teeth off to anyone who would listen. I think the story gets bigger every time she tells it. The one fact that stays the same is Toby did it. She got a whole lot of sympathy tonight. I swear it’s like mother like daughter all over again. LOL (did I do that right???????)

  5. labonte…So spot on. My middle daughter is our accident waiting to happen. My brother was that way too (also the middle child)

    *wonders what is up with all that!?*

  6. What a trooper!

    And, honestly, could she be any cuter?!!

    Glad to hear you all made it through okay. I’da been a total nut case! 😉



  7. AMAZING! She was a lucky little girl! Tell her she is lookin’ like Angelina!

    What a week this has been for y’all…Nothing like having more “stuff” piled on your plate…But she IS a real trooper…As is her great mom!!!

    “This, too, shall pass….”


  8. Awww…poor little muffy! I just cringe for you both at the thought…teeth injuries must be the worst!
    What a brave & positive princess you have!

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