stress much?

I woke up this morning with one. A stress headache.

I’ve had it for days now actually. It’s bosom buds with the perpetual knot in my tum tum. (listen people…I have THREE kids! I’m allowed to use the random kiddie word!)

Course I always go a little mental when life feels heavy. In fact, it’s a miracle I’ve lived this long without an ulcer!

I think too much! WAY too much!

I stress out too much! Seriously…WAY too much! Toby totally comes by his anxiety issues honest.

I have a knack for mountain-ing mole hills!

Which may be precisely what I’m doing with this whole travelling to Detroit thing-a-ma-bob.

But until Dr. Rockstar has a chance to review these…

…and calls me back with a firm answer. And his secretary sets up a firm date for a consult.

And our insurance gives us a firm green light for coverage.

So I can book some firm tickets.

And give our fan club a firm idea of what the heck is going on…in our journey to rescue that muchkin down there…

I’m afraid that the headache is gonna linger.

Maybe I should nick it? You know…become friends. Count it a blessing…that I have something to stress headache about. That my life isn’t dull. Boring. Hum drum. That I don’t have gobs of energy to pour into silly things…like…running marathons? Or saving the planet one cloth diaper at a time? Or putting on a real clothes?


What I wouldn’t give to have a little hum drum around here! Although it’s doubtful I’d be of the cloth diaper persuasion even without the stress action.

My life is what it is. Seizures. Stress. Heachaches. Smiles…like my attempt at throwing in a happy bone! But here I am…not even able to fully gather my wits to write a flippin’ post that makes sense. Particularly with my first born in my ear anxiously begging me to check out Club Penguin with him!

Despite my throbbing temples I have checked in on and…prayed for sweet little Sophie all day!


4 thoughts on “stress much?

  1. Love the picture! I want to run my fingers through his curls!! They are adorable!

    If Toby hasn’t yet gone to Club Penguin, he’ll enjoy it! Marissa loves that site. Also, has some great games. She’s now addicted to Pixie Hollow. That’s probably way to girlie for Toby, but Bristel would love it for sure! You can create your own fairies!!! And….it’s FREE! Although they do offer subscription services.

  2. I’m right there with ya girl…

    You know I looked in the mirror last night and found two grey hairs! It’s a wonder my whole head isn’t covered!

    Good luck with Dr. Rockstar…getting all the medical mumbo jumbo to line up can be so frustrating! Wait for that, wait for this…before you can get anything going!

    That’s when the hairs fall out instead of turning grey!

    Oh, and that’s a priceless picture of Trevy! Look at all that hair! Precious!

  3. I have daily headaches now. It’s weird. Never had it before. Now just a part of life.

    Your son has such a huge head of hair…not used to seeing so much hair. Carter (my oldest) gets a buzz cut, Bennett has very little hair, and I have none at all.

    My Word Verification is:


  4. Colby had those blonde curls way back when…Now he’s brunette and just waves…So enjoy it while you can…May not last!

    Thanks for sharing your day with your lovely children…They are ALL so precious! A true gift…Keep the photos coming!

    Take care of yourself…I eat Excedrin like candy for my AM headaches and have for 20 years…NOT a good thing…At least the migraines are only a few days a week! (Frova is my wonder drug for those!)

    We all seem to have alot in common!

    Hopefully once you hear more on the possibility of surgery, SOME of the stress will subside…

    Take good care…


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