cause they make me smile (a picture marathon)

I suck at captioning photos…so I’ll spare you!

But I *heart* snapping them!

And these are my fave subjects!

Okay…so this set needs a lil’ explanation…

Toby “injured” his ankle racing around like a wild child. And Bristel enjoyed playing doctor to fix him all up for tonights game. Against “the good team”!

Am I the only one who wants to pinch that cheek mug?


8 thoughts on “cause they make me smile (a picture marathon)

  1. It is so interesting that you shoot Trevor a different way during your photo session. It’s very representative of something subconscious, an emotional component that is there that is different than the other kids. Not better, not more that’s not what I mean, not something like that. I can’t quite explain it actually…and I may be totally reading into it myself.

    All great photos though, very cute family.

  2. They are super cute, huh?

    You know Ken…I actually agree with you. It's always difficult to label those “different” connections for fear of sounding like there's favortism. I try really hard not to favor any of them over the other. They each have their good days…and ummm not so good… I try to celebrate the unique stuff each of them contribute to our family.

    And just like my connection with Toby…my first born…my super athletic boyfriend…is different. And my connection with my girl…my snuggle bug…hang at the mall together Bristel bean…is different.

    So my connection with Trevy is undeniably different. And super emotional. Because we don't have words to help us communicate with each other…we rely A LOT on body language and eye contact. Sometimes it feels like I really KNOW what he's thinking. And visa versa. We have a very strong heart bond…

    And because everything comes SO hard for him…I celebrate his accomplishments with a passion! Then again…when Toby smacks a good hit I'm the jumping & screaming mommy in the bleachers! And when Bristel says funny things…I belly laugh embarssingly loud…cause I think she's the funniest wittiest girl around! But they don't have to word as hard as Trevy to do new things…and it's different ya know.

    Anyway…I think it's funny (as in interesting) that it can be noticed in the way I take his picture. Although some of that is…he happens to be much easier to catch natural too!

    Anyway…food for foder for another post someday I'm sure…


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