if it makes me happy…

Okay…so first let me just clear the air about something.

I’ve mentioned already that I enjoy nicking. People. Things. Whatever.

It makes me happy! And I deserve a little happy!

So…all that to say…some people may be mortified at the nick I’ve given Trevy. One of the nicks. He has many.

But this one may cause some to cringe. You have the right to cringe. I have the right to happy. So we’re kewl. K?

My used-to-be-fave Trevy nick was Heavy Trevy. Or HT. Affectionately given to him by Grams. During his first stint with Acthar (ACTH). When he inflated like a puffer fish!

Don’t those cheekie weekies just bring out the baby talk in you?

Who wants smoochie whoochies?

Heavy Twwwevy want smoochie whoocies?

::Muah muah muah muah muah::

Yep…Heavy Trevy was a keeper nick.

But alas…we’ve since entered the world of appetite (and yet ironically not seizure) suppressant meds. And the chubby thighs lost their pinchie winchie-ness.

Which probably explains why we don’t really use Heavy Trevy anymore.

But somewhere along this crazy seizure life I started nicking him something different…

Something super cute…

Something that…to me…totally captures his super human courage…

And super contagious grin…

And so…the super suited to him nick I’ve been using lately is…

::Please…I’m urging you…cover your eyes now if you’re easily offended by potentially NOT EVEN CLOSE TO PC (but totally trust me…cute) nicks::



I love it SO much that I’m actually having a T-shirt made!

Now I just need someone with PhotoShop to add a cape on that pic above for me! I have alternates too…with more cape space!


btw…If you haven’t already…you totally need to watch the video post below to see the antics of Seizure Boy!


13 thoughts on “if it makes me happy…

  1. I see nothing wrong with it at all. I call Bennett Captain Seizure or Seizure Kid and all kinds of stuff. It makes me feel ‘lighter’ about it, hard to explain…

    I need to get Photoshop on my laptop or I would have caped up the pic for ya..

  2. can you send me some of the alternates with more cape space? im gonna try to do it. not sure if i can. but i do have photoshop so i wanna try lol. :]]

    and youre nicknames are pretty entertaining :]

  3. Ken…you’d be (then again maybe not!) surprised at what offends people! I already had one person express their concern over it…so I figured I’d just nip it in the bud here! And I totally had you pegged for having photoshop!

    Brendi-kins…kewl beans! Do I have your email tho?


  4. Danielle…Like I told you in my email, Colby is already “Seizure Boy”! We’ve been calling him that for several years now! What fits better? (He also has a few others we use from time to time…?

    People have just GOT to understand….we HAVE to have our sense of humor IN TACT just to get through the crap!!!

    I MUST blog sometime about my years and years of “comic relief” with Colby and OTHER special needs kids that will curl some people’s toes, I’m sure!


  5. Oh people get their undies in a knot over anything i swear. i like it! i totally thought of the seizure boy nick when i posted the superman pics of connor. i think parents of SN kids all have a quirky sense of humor…you have to or you will go insane!!

  6. I hate all this PC mumbo jumbo. Just call it like it is. But as he has grown out of Heavy Trevy…I am hoping and praying that he will soon grow out of Seizure Boy. So get that t-shirt made up quick before it becomes outdated πŸ˜‰

    My honey likes to do the nickname thing too…Sopha Dopa and El Bird.

  7. I like seizure boy too however you have used it so much I didn’t know it was a new nickname. Mine btw is is Trevor the Terror.

  8. Cyndi…I’m lookin’ forward to those posts!

    Katie…well…you know me. I aim to please! *wink*

    Brenda…I cross my heart’ll get the photos to you by the end of the week. Btw…just a quick reminder (cause I’ll miss church again tonight) you can hang with me at Toby’s game tomorrow night. Let me know…

    Monica…girl people drive me nuts! I hate having to calculate my words. It’s one thing if it’s mean-spirited…but just to be cute. And to laugh…because it’s better than crying! Anyway…I knew you’d get me!

    Elaine…I was vegging on the couch when Jonathan read your comment. He thought it was the sweetest thing (his words!) anybody has said!

    Mom…it’s not really that new. I’m just comin’ outta the Not PC closet! lol


  9. actually since ill prolly be out of the house before you get on the comp again. ill just call you when i get to church and tell you lol. considering youll prolly get the message alot faster that way :] <333

  10. Haha, I love it! I call KC all kinds of things too. For a while it was peanut (NOT during ACTH lol), and then it got shortened to P. I don’t even remember when I started that but it’s been a while!
    And like Elaine, I really am holding on to hope that Trevy will outgrow that nickname. I feel like I’ve been following your blog for so long now that now I think of Trevy so often!


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