we like our OT pinch-a-licious!

Okay…so I’m mildly embarrassed that it seems I can’t take a pic or clip without noticing during edits that there is ALWAYS something on my floor!

What can I say?

It’s three against one!


11 thoughts on “we like our OT pinch-a-licious!

  1. In a house with three kids how can there NOT be something on the floor at all times??? It 's not possible in my house either!

    P.S. I FINALLY got to watch the video of Trevy witht he remote last night. It was too cute. The music fit the “chase scene” perfectly 🙂

  2. My house is the same way D so don't feel bad! lol…and it was that way BEFORE the third joined the family!!! lol

    I love those pics of Trevy! Marissa got OT services too and they are an amazing bunch of people aren't they!

  3. If you count gravity – it's 4 against 1. In my house, the children have not matured out of the dropping behavior. Sigh.

    Both hands! Nice pinching, Trevy!


  4. the floor I don't get it what is on the floor? I guess it's better on the couch than on the floor. Too funny I actually laughed out loud when I looked at the pictures.

  5. Only SOMETHING on the floor…try piles and piles of EVERYTHING on the floor. It's usually only 2 against 1 in my household and both my girls can make it look like a tornado came through in 5 minutes flat. I tend to take pictures early in the morning before they had the chance to destroy everything and I am not too tired to try to find the camera.

  6. Awwwww…thanks everybody for making me feel SO normal. SO earthy. So every woman!

    Til' I look at the CRUMBS in the highchair pic! Yikes! Now THAT'S embarassing!

    Oh…and that TOTALLY cracked me up that he had bit off the binkie nip! Hahahahaha!


  7. Oh my! My hubby and I have been discussing that we just hope our house is still standing when the boys hit 10yrs. There is ALWAYS something on our floor!!
    The OT is brilliant…pinch away.

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