random-nings (a tale of two comedians)

So I’ve come to a conclusion. It’s not that my kids are funnier. Really. Although they ARE pretty darn hysterical. If I do say so myself…

Like the other day when Bristel said with all the sincerity of a miffed four year old…

“You’re being sin-ness to me, mommy!”

She is SO not a fan of the “teachable moment”.

But that’s not it.

I think it’s just I’m around them ALL the time. Ya know…

Actually I’ve been wrestling with the to-home-school-or-not-to-home-school question for the past few months. But every time I (fantasize) feel pulled towards putting (with a firm kick to the backside) Toby on the bus…he goes and does something funny.

Like the other day in the market. He’d been annoying me. Tremendously. And as we stood in line his little heart began to feel guilty until he belted out for all the store to hear…

“Life is just full of hard-knocks and mistakes!”

Now I’m used to my comedians…so I was able to hold my snickers at bay. And instead replied,

“You’re right Tobes. Everybody makes mistakes…”

He nodded thoughtfully before adding…


Like you yelling at daddy this morning.”

Evidently the cashier hasn’t mastered the art of the non-snicker. Cause the moment our eyes met she busted a gut! And then I joined her.

These days…I’m swinging more towards keeping my comedians close to home. Cause I don’t wanna miss one funny little thing!


While Jonathan & I were in Springfield…Grams kept the kiddos at home for us.

One day she called…

…asking if I let Bristel run around without a shirt on.


Noooooooot reeeeeally…

Evidently Bristel was informing Grams that it’s not fair Toby’s allowed to run around with his boobies showing…when she’s not!

So the other day I was hanging out near the fence at Toby’s baseball practice. Keeping Trevor at bay on his monkey leash. Love that thing! We were standing close enough for the little guy next up to carry on a casual convo with me.

Him: Hi Toby’s mom

Me: Hi buddy

Me…trying to be nice: That was a nice base steal the other night

Him…beaming: Thanks

A slight pause…to gather his wits I later presumed…

Him: We learned something terrrrrrrible in school today

Totally unprepared Me: Really…what?

Another pause…and a deep breath…

Wide-eyed Him: Puberty!

See…other people’s kids are funny too!



the way they sleep…

makes me smile!

My adorable (not so) little (but still mommies babies) comedians!


6 thoughts on “random-nings (a tale of two comedians)

  1. TRULY the BEST medicine is laughter…These little guys are what get you through….Aren't they amazing? I LOVE your stories….And the “sleepy picture?” Makes me want to cry, it is so beautiful! You can sure tell your family holds a whole lot of love!!!

    Thank you for a GOOD dose tonight!!!



  2. lol!!
    Oh, Toby has be laughing out loud!!
    They're precious aren't they?! And this is the stuff we need to remember always…the funnies, the heartsy stuff.
    They look so cute sleeping. So warm and cuddly rosy cheeks.

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