what’s up detroit

There is a beauty in being busy. And as exhausted as baseball season had us…there was a beauty in it.

No couch potato time.

No unlimited dwelling on Detroit time.

But now that it’s just a weekend away…we’re getting jittery. Very. J.i.t.t.e.r.y.


Because I’ve been asked for a little more specifics. For praying purposes. Here’s The Plan.


Leave RI early afternoon in route to Detroit

Check into a very swanky hotel…thanks to Coach B!


Trevor will be admitted & hooked up to the leads around 4pm for a 24 hour VEEG.
Jonathan will spend the night with Trevy in the hospital. I can’t think without my sleep. And I’ll need my wits about me for our consult the following day.

I keep telling the EEG techs at Hasbro that Trevy should be the hospital model! That cute face!


Late afternoon Trevy will be unhooked.

Meet with Dr. Rockstar at 4 pm-ish. We’ve been told to expect it to be a loooooong consult.


Check out of our swanky hotel bright & early.

Thursday – Sunday (back at home)

Try to re-coop! Hospital stays are a butt-kicker. But important hospital visits knock SO much more outta you. And it takes awhile to get your feet back under you.


9 thoughts on “what’s up detroit

  1. I totally agree with the hospital model thing!!! They don't come any cuter!!!
    I am praying for your family daily. Praying you get the answers you are seeking. I know how weird it is to pray for your child to HAVE brain surgery. With it, the possiblities are endless.
    Marcia K

  2. Hey we would love to come visit you in the hospital when you're here, if you're up to it. Let me know and we can make arrangements or give you guys a break or grab you something to eat. Just send me an email and let me know.


  3. I'm so glad that you are able to get to Detroit without worrying financially how you would cover such a trip. There are a lot of us thanking Toby's coach I'm sure.

    Will definitely be keeping you all in my prayers and am sending good wishes for good results!!!

  4. I'm counting down the days right here with ya!

    And, I can't tell you how glad I am that everything has worked out for Trevy to go! From the insurance to the flights, etc.

    I'll be praying for you guys!

    Love ya!!

  5. Thank you guys SO much. I'ma mess today. Every time I think about what this next week means…I feel like I'm gonna hurl. I was SO strong two days ago. What the heck? Anyway…

    Melanie…we would LOVE to have a visit! Does Daniel do hugs n' smoochies…cause I'm dying to give him some!


  6. Can't wait to hear the results of the visit. Tell Dr. C I said Hi…probably won't remember us. Anyhoo, I'll be checking diligently for any news on the trip and hoping for the best.


  7. Definitely Trevy should be the hospital model.

    Thanks for the details cause they help me keep you in mind. I doubt I need to include them in my prayers as, God knows, I'm referring to YOUR Trevy and not any other. 😉


  8. Danielle…I am glad you recognize your need for sleep…That is SO important!

    This trip has really worked out perfectly…from plane tickets to hotels….Those who love you are REALLY coming through!! Doesn't that feel WONDERFUL???

    So you hang in there, keep blogging if you can, and BREATHE!!!! You will do JUST FINE! You will surprise yourself!!!

    Love to you and your family!!!


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