detroit – a picture marathon

Okay…so just keepin’ you on your toes this lazy Monday morning…

And posting this picture marathon in reverse order! Okay…okay…so it wasn’t really to stimulate your brain. It was mostly cause Blogger is a pain the boot. And I’ve gone n’ caught some sort of summer cold and feel like crap-ola. Which means no patience for rearrainging the pics!

How sweet are Toby & Bri?! They created “welcome home” parades with their toys!

An uber tired Trevy during our homeward bound Philly layover.

Are you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?

That is just HAS to be a good sign?

That the O’s would “just happen” to be playing in Detroit! Right during our “just happening” to be there appointment?

It was Orioles bliss for Jonathan!

Trevy was SO ready to blow that joint!

This was actually the least messy post-EEG head ever! Don’t let the red markings alarm you…it was actually just the grease pen marks the technician used to guide electrode placement.

Okay so is that the cutest pouty face ever or what?! Trevy just recently started pouting! It used to be cry or smile…but now we have an in-between emotion! And I LOVE it!

Playin’ garbage ball with daddy! We had to be creative and wad up paper…cause they didn’t have a ball anywhere!

Model material!

I know it looks SO barbaric. Feels it too. But it’s a necessary evil for seizure boys (and girls)…

Is it me…or is he SAYING rescue me! With his lil’ eyes?!

Detroit was actually much prettier (and safer!) than we imagined!

Trevy LOVED the water displays!

A friendly walker-by asked if we’d like for her to snap a pic of all of us! So sweet! But sorry hon…that you weren’t quite ready!

This is what 57 floors up looks like…

Trevy’s first airplane ride…

Now we’re just holding our breath til’ Monday…


14 thoughts on “detroit – a picture marathon

  1. Danielle…

    Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful photos….And yes, after all this mess is said and done, Trevy SHOULD be a model! Just GORGEOUS!!!

    It is always interesting to me to see these hospital stays…Interesting, but also very hard, as I am trying to imagine the hurt and stress you experience….Our EEGs have always been outpatient with no strapping necessary, thank the good Lord….

    Feel better soon…Glad you are getting this cold over with now so you will be feeling better when it really counts!

    Love y'all…


  2. I've often wondered why they don't do outpatient EEGs more often?! We've done one with Digitrace…but the cord for the video unit was SO short that it was actually more difficult! Maybe that's why? Or neuro insists on video EEGs.

    It's SO hard putting the leads on…cause Trevy is SO strong. This was by far the easiest go…having him burrito wrapped and taped down. I know it looks SO horrid…but the stress level was notched down because we weren't having to lay on top of him! lol

    Now I need some chicken soup…I'm SO achey! Ugh…

    Love you too, Cyndi!



  3. Beautiful. Trevy makes those bandages look good D!!!

    I totally sympathize with Trevy being all bundled up, but understand it too. I had a heck of a time holding Haylee so they could draw blood for her iron test…would have been much easier if they had done something like this! And yes, he does appear to be pleading for release with his eyes. Almost can hear the “Oh poor me, come and save me please!” 🙂

    Hope you start feeling better soon. I hate being sick and achey.

    And I love how Toby and Bri welcomed you all home. How wonderful! I know they missed you guys like crazy!

  4. Love the photos Danielle! I'm glad you guys got a chance to get out and find something fun to do. After the 24hr EEG and three sedations, we didn't see much more than the inside of our hotel room…and the hospital!

    By the way, love the pouty face! That's a wonderful new expression!

    Feel better!

  5. I hope you feel better soon. Are you being checked for H1N1?

    I see it again – the incredible beauty of his (no, not J's) eyes.

    Pouty is truly an advancement.


  6. I loved the “welcome home parade” and I loved every other picture of Trevy and his little curls! Those eyes are so beautiful and what a great shot of the 3 of you. I dont blame you for not looking out of your hotel window very much, GEEZ! thats was crazy high.
    Okay… enough rambling. Praying for next Monday,Love you!

  7. Oh we have many photos of Daniel being strapped down. I remember once thinking “why the hell am I taking a photo of my child in this barbaric situation?” but I do it to show him later in his life all that he was able to overcome, and how we did everything we could for him.
    But yes I see them and I cringe everytime! Glad to see he liked the water too. Those eyes and those curls…they make you wanna melt. It so bums me out that we didn't get to meet this time but I have it set in my mind that we will indeed cross paths soon enough!

  8. That strapping is not going to go over well with Maddie at all. Thanks for sharing the pics though. Did you ask if they could strap you in with him? I have no idea how that will work for us……starting to get more nervous now……yuck.

    I want to know where all the water fountains were. Maddie loooooves water. That would be good though I'm not sure it will fit in our itinerary which sounds like Holli's.

    And he is just absolutely precious in every picture.


  9. I don't like 57 floors. I'd barely peek out the window too!

    What a coincidence the O's were playing. It must have been a nice break though. EEGs regardless if they strap the kids or not are just giant stress days.

    hugs to all three cuties! (and you!) get better soon!

  10. The welcome home parade was absolutely precious! That is just too sweet for a big brother and sister to do 🙂

    So when does Trevy's modeling career take off? Oh my goodness he is the cutest little guy..but you already know that 🙂 Poor guy having to be strapped down is just so sad…breaks my heart to see what our kids have to go through.

    None the less he is so cute and looks like he had a blast playing in the water! Praying for you guys always.


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