waiting games

I’ve never been very good with The Waiting.

Yep…I was the kid at Christmas would could sniff out those hidden presents. Under the bed? Back of the closet? Attic? Hiding places were no match for snoopy me! Although one year mom & dad tricked their snoopster by wrapping our gifts up in opposite! It was a teary Christmas as my brother and I opened gifts meant for the other! The lesson learned faded after a while…

So it should be no surprise that this waiting is driving me mad!

Allstar games…hunting down remaining tests…and therapies…have helped to keep my brain otherwise occupied.

But then there was down time. Yesterday. And I couldn’t help myself. I emailed Dr. Fellow.

And was like,

I’m not trying to make you uncomfortable…buuuuut…

What are we looking at? Candidate odds wise? 50/50? 80/20?”

I mean surely he’ll understand that I’ve got Spaghetti Dinners to plan! And crazy hearts to prepare…


And yet I proceeded to wait ALL day for his response. Which was simply…

“We’ll know on Monday”



So I responded…

“Yes…but how will I know the decision on Monday?”

He promised to call me himself. And asked for my cell. Which I’m hoping he promptly added to his contact list!

Especially since I fought the urge to then email about when I could expect his call!

Or better yet…to send him this picture….

Which is SO darn beautiful a friend emailed me asking if she could donate an organ!


Depending on the black market value of a kidney these days…to spare me a spaghetti dinner…I’m game?!

Just in case there are some who miss the tongue in cheek…

Jesting. See I’m laughing…ha ha ha…

If there was a non-illegal method of selling a kidney…different story!


So now I wait. Til’ who knows when on Monday.


Oh – and here’s a freebie tip! It so happens that settling into the pedi-neuro’s waiting room. And assuring the secretary that seriously…it’s no problem to wait…while they send a runner to pick up the PET scan for you. That’s a great way to get the job done! Especially if you have two summer-hyper kiddos with you! If you ever run into that scenerio minus the two hyper kids…I’ll rent mine out!

My heart felt relief as I dropped the last pieces of our bridge at Jonathan’s office. Who was able to overnight them to Dr. Fellow.

Which means I’ll be emailing him (unless he’s smart and emails me first) to verify that they’ve been recieved before lunch today!


12 thoughts on “waiting games

  1. Selling a kidney in exchange for not having to organize a spaghetti dinner sounds reasonable to me;-) I know the waiting is excrutiating. I think I got the Monday night call around dinner time, but I really don't remember. Dr. C called himself. I'll keep your family in my thoughts and I'll do whatever I can to make the clock move faster:-)

    Erin M.

  2. Praying that you don't have to wait too long on Monday! And that picture….would oh so make me find out results first thing Monday morning…lol He's so darn adorable.

    Glad you were able to get the PET scan while you were at the dr office.

    Hang in there sweetie.

  3. Okay, first off…that photo of Trevy needs to have a permanent home on your blog somewhere!! Those eyes…

    Second…I hope you have a busy week/weekend planned! You definitely need to find something to distract yourself. I would go nuts waiting!

    But, hey, I was thinking…a left-sided EEG, left-sided PET, and his seizure presentation…I seriously think you guys can think positively. That seems like good evidence.

    Anyway…can't wait to hear how it goes Monday.

    STAY BUSY!!!! 😉

  4. I just love your blog posts…they make me laugh, smile, and cry. Yeah, the waiting game is definitely not for me either..I just got nuts and need to keep busy busy.

    I don't blame you for calling..we typically do the same after each EEG Kylie has had, and any random questions we have while we wait. Sure it drives them nuts, but it gets things done and puts us at ease….til next time that is.

    Yes, you must send that pic along with every email you send…remind them of Trevy, his eyes, his smile, his innocence.

    Praying that you do not have any down time, so that your mind doesn't wonder too much and that your call comes early Monday morning.


  5. Thanks all…

    No word from Dr. Vee yet…and it's past lunch time. So I may be whipping one out to him soon. Specially since today has been a lazy day. And there's only so much cleaning a girl can do in this nasty humid heat!

    Monday is slowly moving closer…


  6. I have some housework….guess that won't help much. 😦

    I vote for sending the photo with every email message, too!

    Have y'all been to that nice aquarium in Mystic? Perhaps a last day-trip before school starts, eh?

    Praying for Trevvy. And you.


  7. Ahhh…the waiting game. That is exactly what we call it. We were no good at it either…that anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach. Yep, we were there, and there's no getting away from it (although now that I'm “older” wine really helps:)) We'll be thinking of you all weekend…..go do something fun…really why not??

    BTW, when I saw your pics of the Tigers game I had to smile. We did a Epilepsy Walk in Detroit one year and Trevor was the top fundraiser, so got to throw out the first pitch of a Tigers game!! How's that for a prize!! I'll have to post pics on FB…(this was before digital cameras:))


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