or so I thought

I’m not new to the mommy thing, you know.

I’ve been around the plugged in parenting block. Read a book or two. Thousand. Attended a seminar here and there.

I buy into the Dr. Sears wear-your-baby-til-you-break-your-back-attachment parenting style.

Minus the family bed. Cause I like room to move.

I study my kids. And try to discover their love lingos. And try to build on their natural


I know that Toby never turns down a competition. If I want him to help me clean…I break out the shot clock. If I want him to read a book. I tell him so-n-so read TWO. If I think he should ride the pony even though he’s desperately afraid…I bargain him McDonald’s chicken nuggets AND a double cheeseburger if he will!

Which he took me up on btw…

After MUCH thinking and coaxing and near chickening out.

I know that bathroom humor makes Bristel laugh til’ she snorts. Seriously. If I want her to laugh hysterically…all I have to do is say…


And she’s a goner!

I also know that she’s my compassionate nurturer. If one of her brothers are hurt…she swoops in to the rescue.

And Bristel does not have to be coaxed into riding ponies. She’s one part cowgirl. No parts fear!

And if I know anything…

…about anything…

…about Trevor…

It would be that Trevor and pony rides are a disaster waiting to happen!

Or so I thought!


Many thanks to our Early Intervention program for treating my kids to pony rides

at Ponies 2 Go today.

And thereby proving me wrong!

After today’s learning curve…I’ve reconsidered…

And I’ll totally take you up on that hippotherapy for Trevy idea now!

And many thanks to Miss. Awesome (I WILL eventually someday in the near future I’m sure be writing a post dedicated to Miss. Awesome…when the time is right) for joining us today! It wouldn’t have been half as fun without ya!


A little bonus…

Click here for a little blast form the past – and see EI’s sponsored event LAST summer.

Trevy has grown up SO much!


7 thoughts on “or so I thought

  1. Danielle…LOVE the photos…They are just gorgeous! Colby has really enjoyed participating in our program here…His entire school would ride throughout the school year…In fact, they recently built beautiful stables on campus….It is SO good for these kids! And for us to witness!!!


  2. What a super day! I'm so jealous…my eyes are greener than ever!:) Riding a horse is liberating…I'm glad all your kiddos were able to enjoy. And I too saw that pic of Trevy on board with his little backpack and thought oh Yikes. Seizures & highrise horses….eeeee! Am so so SO GLAD that he proved to be a little cowboy in his own right.
    And…I also noticed how much his face has slimmed out and how much older he looks. *sigh* Don't you just miss chubby baby faces?
    Glad you all got to have such a special summer day.
    PS: By the way, I have the same Sears & Sears thoughts..in fact they're coming here & I can't wait to see them…and I too don't go for the family bed….I need to move & not be kicked all night!:)

  3. Cyndi…it's so wild that I was so skeptical! I just A) couldn't imagine Trevy sitting still! B) couldn't imagine the excitment not triggering clusters. I was SO very wrong! Now…he did try to slide down while the horse was standing still. But as soon as the pony started walking…Trevy magically transformed into a cowboy! It was just really really fun.

    Margo…I DO miss those chunky wunky baby cheeks! Looking back at last summer…wow…he's SO grown up!


  4. Sweet pictures! I'm so glad that Trevy was able to enjoy a pony ride without the seizures coming and ruining his fun!!! Maybe it was an opportunity to see how he'll be after his surgery!?

    Glad that Toby loves a good challenge. Is he still afraid of the horses after the ride???

    Bri looked like a natural. Like she was ready to gallop off into the sunset, and therefore give her mother a heart attack! lol

  5. Holli…actually Trevy was being super cheeky! Every time I wanted to snap a picture…he turned the other way. He was grinning at his own cheek-y-ness! He's a squirt…but we love him!

    Adesta…it was truly a sweet time…just to see Trevy smiling SO happy! Toby hopped off and asked if he could go again! lol Bri…LOVES horses. Wants lessons SO bad. But talk about highway robbery! Sheesh…


  6. Danielle,

    Those pictures were awesome! And I'm glad to hear you're thinking of hippotherapy for Trevy – we're thinking the same thing for Bryce. He's on the waiting list, so who knows how long it will be, but his therapists say it's great therapy. It will help build his core body strength and some of his sensory issues. So here's hoping BOTH our boys enjoy hippotherapy!

    Wendy D.
    mom to Bryce, age 5
    Salt Lake City, UT

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