pictures with bibi

We enjoyed a summer visit with Bibi. By the way…Bibi is Swahili for grandmother. Picking the grandparents names can be interesting. But in the case of Bibi and Babu…it was pretty easy. And cute. See…they were speaking Swahili and serving as missionaries in Tanzania, East Africa by time the first grand baby debuted.

Bibi will be returning to her home…in Tanzania…this November. I know her heart is ready to start pouring into the little lives that are being molded daily at the school she & Babu founded. And the other ministries as well…

She wanted to spend some quality time with the grandbabies before her departure.

We had a sweet…memory making…visit.

Although capturing the pictures to prove it turned out to a challenging endeavor!

And of course…the kiddos were sad to say goodbye…

they love their Bibi! In fact, we keep promising Toby (news flash Bibi!) that he can spend his 13th summer with her in Tanzania! So he’d better start saving his pennies now!

Sometimes life unfolds in such a way…that to me as a woman of faith…I clearly see God’s hand moving…

Because even though Bibi had to kiss Toby & Bristel goodbye already…

…she didn’t Trevy. Life has moved in such a way that she’ll be able to kiss him again.

In Detroit…


7 thoughts on “pictures with bibi

  1. Bibi is SO YOUNG! (Of course she is!!..What am I saying? I'm old enough to be a grandmom myself as well!!)

    Look at how the kids are lovin' it? I know it will be so hard when y'all are all separated again….

    Your photos always convey the feeling of the moment…Thanks for sharing!!!


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