Pediatric ICU (a picture marathon)

Fair warning…these may be too graphic for some.


6 thoughts on “Pediatric ICU (a picture marathon)

  1. omg, that last pic of J made me bust in2 tears…such love & devotion…the look of concern on his face, the screen reflecting in his specs, the Bible in his hand…u guys r soooo strong!!!

  2. How did I miss so much since yesterday?! The photos of Trev show me good stuff, since I am not queasy with the medical stuff. But like MJC, the one of J hit my heart like a hammer.

    I must not have been paying attention to what to expect. I am following along like someone who does not know the path. Thank goodness for all the supporters who can guide and comment from going before you.

    I am reassured by the extreme (seems to me) precision of pre-surgery diagnostics. The brain is so divinely complex. (This is really in response to the post above this one.) Looks like Dr. C is meeting and exceeding his responsibility to inform you of what will happen in surgery with the expected consequences.

    Praying for you all. Barbara

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