Hemi Day (a picture marathon)

Before they stole him away for pre-op…

All snuggled up with Snowflake his guardian animal…

There is definitely such a thing as TOO MUCH WiFi!

It’s called when your kid is in surgery for TEN hours!

Our first glimpse at our beautiful boy after surgery…

Trevy’s guardian angels hovering on his crib…


3 thoughts on “Hemi Day (a picture marathon)

  1. His color looks good! (I just know that is just the outward appearance of something they are tracking carefully.) Worth mention I think.

    Love seeing the photos of his brother and sister on each side of him. Barbara

  2. so excited to see a post-op post! i have been wondering, and praying and well, all sorts of things since you kissed Trevy goodbye.

    tears are just flowing, and so very happy to see Trevy, especially with his guardian angels watching over!!

    love, prayers, and hugs,

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