Take 2 PICU (a picture marathon)

Here is my best shot at snapping Trevy studying his left hand…

My camera just wasn’t quick enough to catch a really great sequence…cause it is really WAY cuter in person!

And this is Baby Birdie Trevy…little lips trying to suck sips of juice from the straw…

Trev has been very quiet. And not really interested in much other than sleeping. Or the occasional sip of juice.

But for a few minutes he enjoyed making the little wheel spin on the toy…

Nurse Kim was obsessive about making sure he was nice n’ comfy. Feet propped just so. Neck roll. Clean sheets.

I think Trevy may have a crush on her actually!


6 thoughts on “Take 2 PICU (a picture marathon)

  1. I am just amazed…these pictures are wonderful of your little guy! I love the shot with his brother's pic – you get the view as Trevy does of his big brother smiling at him – it must be so comforting for him to have his brother and sister to look at. And him studying his little hand is just precious…it's the little things in moments like this that are HUGE blessings. Keeping you all in my prayers!!!

  2. These photos are GREAT! Thanks so much! Trevy is looking really good to me. His eyes look less swollen.

    LOVE that you are offering him opportunites to do active play with his hand. (Where did you go to OT school?)

    And while Nurse Kim keeps him comfy, he has no incentive to move. Just before sheet changing time, can he have a bit of up-pillowed time? (Just like the moments of play with wheel spin toy.)

    Beyond grateful to you and J for sharing your experience online.

  3. The stuff you've talked about with the puzzlement over the right hand difficulty has been tough to read about, but you've been remarkably strong throughout, or at least you appear to be!

  4. Shelby…you're such a sweetie! Thanks!

    Lisa…it does my heart good to hear that. Because today he's just so…quiet. Just laying there. Not fussing. Not playing. Not eating. Just quiet.

    Barbara…you've taught me a trick or two! 😉

    Ken…it is really really hard to see him struggle to use his right hand. Even after relooking over the pictures…his right arm is just like dead weight by his side. I hate it. I hate that he can't clap. Can't hold something with his left…and spin with his right. I'm not as strong as it may look. Because some of this stuff is tearing me up…


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