because Grams is complaining (a picture marathon)

We had a special visit with a little guy (who dragged his mom & dad along) who I’ve been a fan of for a while now. He stole my heart a loooong time ago (btw…super beautiful post today…you should read it!). And how sweet is the special certificate they made for Trevy…with a crown and cape. Super cute. Cept Trevy hasn’t let us put them on him yet for a pose!

But we want to say thank you SO much for the visit.

(above) Trevy had an hour to make a pee pee or else. Nurse Cathader was waiting in the wings. But daddy successfully splashed enough water to help Trevy make a wet nappy!

Trevy’s first post hemi popsicle…

Today has been a really rough day. Trev has been barfing up a storm. Sorry for the graphics…but seriously. Poor guy. He’s SO weak. I hate to see him weak.
Bibi’s right though. She said we saw how lovely yesterday was. That means we know that he’ll get there again. That the good is coming.
And I suppose we all need to have a story to tell…right. I mean…how boring would it be if all we could say is he had brain surgery with no fun worry details to exaggerate later?

12 thoughts on “because Grams is complaining (a picture marathon)

  1. He looks great. Don't do anything with the hair for a month or two. Once it settles you can make your choice. I nearly fell off my chair with excitement when I saw him with his right hand in the air. It was only a few days ago that he was focusing on his left. Oh the hope I have for Trevor. I am exploding with hope and joy for him. I know this isn't your most joyful day but I have been through this and can see it in terms of the path that my Emma went through and your progress here, whether you know it or not, has been exponential. Can you imagine what it took to move from not being able to do much to hand clapping. Its so AWESOME. I just wish the poor guy could catch a break and stop vomiting. Elaine had a good suggestion about the Prevacid. Sending you love from Chicago!

  2. Just wanted to stop by and check in, been busy with a hospital overnight of our own, and without computer access. Anyway, sorry you guys are still there and not getting discharged but from what I've seen so far things are going pretty good? Trying to catch up on blogs…

  3. I know how much you want to go home….soooo badly. But healing takes time. You don't want to end up back in there like we did…that was a nightmare. One step forward, two steps back. Main thing…no seizures and he really does look good.

    Hugs from Hawaii~sheila

  4. Well, your boy has done so well thus far, he just HAD to have a “hiccup”…Right? In the form of the “throw-ups”….I mean, our kids can't do ANYTHING by the book, right?

    It will stop soon…Just wish y'all could get home!!!

    Love y'all!


  5. Yeah, you can't say you've done the brain surgery thing until you've had at least one good complication, right? I'm so sorry he continues to be sick! Such a bummer. But you know…I hope this is helpful in some way, shape or form…but I look at these pictures, and it just seems so long ago that that was us. And it was less than 3 weeks ago! How could that be possible when it seemed like it lasted forever and was never going to end? I am really hopeful it will be the same for you too.

  6. amen to the buzz cut. bristel was laughing that baby Trevy has pig tails in his hair. Hope today is much better for him and you.

  7. Bristel…you are too cute!

    Danielle, Trevy looks great despite all the throwing up! Glad to see that all the swelling is down and he's not longer puffy. And while I love, love, LOVE his curls, I can't help but agree that he would look cute with a buzz cut. For now until his hair grows back in that is!!!!

    Praying that all the throwing up ends VERY soon! {hugs}

  8. so glad grams complained for some pics! i was missing seeing his beautiful face 🙂

    the superhero award is perfect for what Trevy went through. i think both mom and dad have earned a badge for being so strong for their little guy. you guys are doing Grrreat!

    love and prayers,

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