the crooked smile and other stuff (a picture marathon)

The Crooked Smile…

it’s subtle…

but it’s there…

if you look really really closely…you’ll notice that his left lips are slightly more upward and expressive than his right.

But like I said…I’ve always been a sucker for crooked smiles!

Which one of the Three Stooges does he remind you of in this picture?

The Boo-Boo Bear…

Uncle Dave & Aunt Deb live about two hours from here…so they were able to come for a little visit. And bring a bag of goodies…including the adorable Boo-Boo Bear which Aunt Deb wrapped up ust like Trevy was!

Yesterday was such a stressful day…but we had some unexpected special treats delivered to our room!
One of Trevy’s Brain Surgery Buddies sent those yummy cookies above!

And another little hero and his family (from the other side of the pond!) sent Trevy some fun trucks to cheer him up!
It also so happened that my brother (who lives in Toronto with his fam) bought us a delissssssh Spaghetti & Meatball dinner and have it delivered to our room!
Thanks everybody for the prayers…emails…gifts…and all that jazz! We appreciate it deeply!

8 thoughts on “the crooked smile and other stuff (a picture marathon)

  1. I LOVE the boo-boo bear!! I had a friend who had a double lung transplant when she was 20, and the nurses sewed on 2 lungs to the bear she had since she was a baby. She loved it. I'm sure Trevy will always love his bear who is just like him with that lovely curly hair!!

    Hugs and kisses to the brave hero! And his parents too who are doing amazing!


  2. Oh! That smile!! It's beautiful D!!! I never really thought about crooked smiles, but Trevy's is just darling!!!

    I can SO totally see the Larry resemblence in that one pic!!! TOO cute!

    Trevy looks wonderful. The light in his eyes just whispers, just wait until they unhook me…you all are gonna be chasing me!!! lol Are you still set to be released tomorrow?

  3. This blog entry has just made my morning sooo much better 🙂 I am still just amazed that he looks great, has that beautiful little crooked smile, and the one of him with those gorgeous eyes looking right at the camera with the cute “I didn't do it” in that sweet mouth…your boy truly is a blessing from God who is showing us all what a wonderful God we have and that nothing is impossible. Still praying for great days, new great things to happen, and NO SEIZURES !!!!

  4. Wow, he looks so great! And that smile…that melt your heart smile! Crooked and all, it's just precious.

    Hoping today is MUCH better than yesterday. No surprises (unless they're good ones, of course) and NO vomiting! Oh, and tons of those sweet, crooked smiles!! 🙂

  5. He is so adorable!!! I love his curls! Daniel has the best curls too, I want to grow them out like Trevy's. Glad you got the cookies! We snacked so much while we were there, I figured you might want to take a break from the vending machine too. 🙂 Hugs to you all!

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