I knew better

I knew better than…

to start gettin’ my hopes up about going home. This weekened. Eventually they’ll get sick of us and kick us out. But I shoulda known that they wouldn’t until he can take his meds (and keep them down) by mouth. Before the discharge papers are drawn up.

But still…I went ahead and got all giddy. Did the laundry.

I also shoulda known better than to wait. On getting all the new meds in order. I have all the old ones in excess. I was prepared on that end. But I am SO kickin’ myself. Cause here it is. Friday. When everything shuts down for the weekend. Including the nurses who have access to free samples…which are paramount to little hemi kids hauling it half way across the States. To Home. Because their insurance companies have weekends off. Which means all authorizations must wait until Monday. Ironically…when Nurse Free Sample will be available.
Sometimes I hate the dance. Especially when I forget the foot work.

But I suppose Jonathan’s right.

If we left tomorrow or Sunday…we’d hit snow. That’s right…

Snow? Snow?? Snow???

Are you kidding me?! It’s WAY too early for snow! I didn’t even pack us real coats. Just sweat shirts. Cause it’s fall…not Christmas!

(Erin…I totally thought the snow thing would be your shtick!)

The good news is…looks like we won’t be held captive alone! Julia and fam is just a few doors over! Also captives for the weekend…

11 thoughts on “I knew better

  1. As much as it sucks and as hard as it is to deal with…you have to believe it is the best thing for Trevor right now. God has taken really great care of him so far, and you don't want to be home to early and REGRET it…that would be the worst!!! Be strong, get some fresh air if you can, and hold that faith in God and your cool little boy…HE WILL COME HOME and that is what is important in the long run. I feel for your heart aching to get out of there and pray it is really soon but not too soon.

  2. Pictures are absolutely beautiful. He is so full of expression, even in his tired state. Everything in HIS timing.
    Thinking of you guys… (and trying to keep the piggy flu from spreading; no easy feat!!!).

  3. šŸ˜¦ I know it's got to be tough. I hate the waiting and then I also hate the last minute, “Oh, you can go now.”

    Sorry to hear you're dealing with snow! Now you have your own stories to tell:-)

    Can you and Jonathan at least get out for a decent meal somewhere?


    Erin M.

  4. Sorry to hear that, Mrs Shope…….

    You know it might not be evident to you but despite the setback Trevor looks amazing in the shots. You'll be home soon. And he will be tearing your house apart before you know it.

  5. Oh Trevy just looks so sweet, so tired, and so loving the cuddling time….wow, can he melt hearts!

    Sorry, you are still there…no place like home, that's for sure. Praying the rest of your time goes by fast.

    Love and hugs,

  6. Oh my, I understand. I remember crying when Doctor Meannie told me I couldn't go home because of a low grade fever after a 10-day stint.

    But what is good is that you will be taken care of, if little white pills are needed. Here or there. There won't be any surprises not immediately attended to. That was always a bit of relief in my mind.

    But even after the best vacation, there is nothing like coming home, sleeping in your own bed and hugging your own pillow. No wierd beeps going constantly through out the night. And your other two delightful kids. It is grand and I hope you are there soon.

    My best to you all. CB

  7. The photos are just GORGEOUS….Your little boy….Wow…..He just draws you in with those eyes….

    It must be SO difficult to have to continue to stay….I can only imagine the pure exhaustion….Thank you for continuing to have the stamina to keep us informed….It means so much to so many!!!

    I will keep praying that this weekend will see that little tummy settle down completely so that you all are on your way back home early in the week!!!



  8. I happened upon your blog while reading the blog of another child with IS (relatives of a friend), and I read it faithfully. The way in which you write makes me alternatively laugh and cry. I can't pretend to know what you're going through, but I pray for you and even though we don't know each other, I'm rooting for Trevor. I hope this weekend goes by quickly for you and he's sent home on Monday! Oh–and I'm glad you didn't shave the curls. šŸ™‚

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