why we didn’t shave the curls

Ooooooooh…I’ve gotten opinions on the subject. Trust you me.

And Ken…dude…you were right! It’s a matted dried bloody rats nest in the back. It’ll be a chore gettin’ that out.

Interesting note. The split has been pretty even. Daddies vote buzz. Mommies vote don’t you dare.


I mentioned to Dr. Neuro-Surgeon that I wish I’d asked them to just shave the whole of it during surgery. Especially since the incision is right down the middle…ruining any mohawk chances for sure. He laughed. And then informed that they wouldn’t have anyway. The whole risk of slicing out the wrong hemisphere thing. I thought he had a point there.

Buuuuut…I later convinced a neuro-surge nurse to bring clippers up and help us be done with it. I was wishy-washy all day long. Fiddling with his hair in an attempt to see how he’d look bald. And by time she finally arrived…clippers in hand…I just couldn’t go through with it. I just couldn’t! Of course…I blamed it on his weak stomach. But it was really mine that was the problem…

And besides…

If we’d opted to shave him…

We wouldn’t have pictures like this…

To snicker at. And stash away on a thumb drive for future blackmail purposes!


13 thoughts on “why we didn’t shave the curls

  1. Oh D! I can see it in his eyes that he wants to say to you,

    “Mom, don't even THINK about using this picture as future blackmail on me!!!”

    And the old favorite, “I suppose you think this is funny don't you?”

  2. I was all for the buzz. They asked us if we wanted it, so I'm not sure why they told you they wouldn't do it.

    Did I ever tell you they marked the wrong side of Ryan's head with a marker? I thought it must have been a joke because Dave made a big deal about making sure they take out the right side when we met with Dr. Sood. We were SO hoping it was a joke, but I don't think it was. Maybe they stopped the buzz because of us???

    Hope you get your walking papers soon!

    Erin M.

  3. There is a Johnson and Johnson spray on leave in conditioner. Its in a green bottle. It really helps get the knots out after EEGs or surgery. I was shocked at how well Emma's hair looked after a few weeks.

    Before the surgery I asked the surgeon what side he was working on. He said “the right hand side”. I said “Show me your right hand”.

    Hope today is better.

  4. I can imagine the apprehension. He's been working on those curls for 2 1/2 years! Hard to seem them go in one quick buzz…

    Austin's had three haircuts already. But, the way his hair grows (the top grows very slowly), it's starts resembling a mullet…No mullets on my boy! 🙂

  5. An orange top hat and Trevy would do a passable impression of Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder. Thing about hair is it grows back – do you want to be spending the next year trimming back bits but letting the rest grow or let nature take it's natural course all over. This daddy votes 'buzz' too!

  6. I say keep it that way until after Halloween…atleast now you have an idea of a costume…one of the 3 stooges (can't think of which one it is). But, i'm going to go against the Mommy trend here…just go ahead and buzz it. It will grow back. If it's not curly, then that is okay. he has fought quite a battle, and that scar is a battle wound against a fight won by Trevy & not the seizure monster. Then again I'm not a Mom that is very bonded with hair…Connor had his first haircut at 5 months old!! We can all give opinions, but you do what YOU feel like doing b/c he is YOUR child!! He is just plain adorable…hair or no hair.

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