Trevy’s new do and other cute stuff (a picture marathon)

First up…

Jonathan caught him mid-smile this morning! We haven’t seen a happy face since last Tuesday!

But this morning…we put Grams on speaker phone blowing him kisses and got this…

So here ya go…

the haircut.


You didn’t really think I was gonna buzz him did you???

A glimpse of the boy from before…

The boy who loved his bath!

And still does!


5 thoughts on “Trevy’s new do and other cute stuff (a picture marathon)

  1. Ok so I dont comment much but Ive been reading! Lil Guy has touched my heart for sure! Things WILL get better! Prayers and Prayers..! in those big eyes you can still see the old trevor…just give him some time ๐Ÿ™‚
    madies mommmy

  2. Though some of his curls are gone, you can never change those beautiful eyes of his! I just melt whenever I see that face, and those sweet eyes.

    Thanks for sharing these pics…pics that are all too precious!

    Prayers and hugs,

  3. Danielle – love seeing the photos, he is a gorgeous boy:)

    Also fascinated by the scar, much bigger than i'd expected and wondering if Henry's will be that big, good preparation for us (will show my husband so he's not too shocked when it's our turn).

    And, we've gone for the buzz cut already! though H never had those fabulous curls!! after weeks of picking EEG glue out of his normal-length hair we had enough, 'Number 2' for EEGs now & possibly 'Number 1' pre-op!
    (he looks either like a hooligan or a child in an orphanage with lice……)
    Ah well makes for some interesting photos for the future….;)

    Hope today is a good day x

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