whole buncha everything (a picture marathon)


7 thoughts on “whole buncha everything (a picture marathon)

  1. Love your picture marathons. It looks like Bri got a haircut too. I really noticed Trevy's skinniness in these pictures. Sophie lost almost 5 pounds but quickly gained them back. It is so great to see the fam back together again!!! I am so happy for you all. Give it time…the spunk will come back with the appetite.

  2. First I have to say, I love Bri's hair! She looks so much like you D!

    I adore the pic of J and Trevy napping away. Now that's peace.

    Sooo good to see all of you together again and enjoying life. {hugs}

  3. GORGEOUS photos, as usual, girl!

    I especially love the sleepy ones and Trevy's Tee Shirt!!!

    Thanks for these….Isn't it just magic to be back together again???


  4. Super duper pictures!! I love Bri's new haircut! i didn't think she could get any cuter. I'm glad the shirt fits Trevy. I dig his scar, but I dig the little boy way more!! I can tell he has lost some weight…want me to send him a dozen Krispy Kremes?? that will chunk him up quickly…it worked for me! 😉

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