BOO! (a picture marathon)

You know what they say…

better late than never!

Aren’t our pumpkins super cute?

Super Mommy fell down on the job…and if it weren’t for Mrs. Coach’s pumpkin surprise bags…we wouldn’t have had any!


See…I am really not that super!

And thank you Mrs. Coach for helping me keep my image!

A friend gave Bristel a beautiful Belle costume!


Toby wore his skeleton shirt from last year…

…but he’s not into having his picture taken anymore!

Bristel on the other hand…

We were invited to a special Halloween party…

…but tricky Trevy was very sick!

Soooooo…we ended up just walking up and down our street.

Our neighbors happen to be VERY generous!

Oh…and Trevy wasn’t really in the mood for dressing up OR picture taking.

But I dressed him in head to toe grey sweats…

and called him a cloud!

6 thoughts on “BOO! (a picture marathon)

  1. Loved the cloud idea….never thought of that one.

    I adore Bri's costume! That was beautiful. And she can wear it to play dress up in too!!

    Toby seemed to be in a better mood that day.

    And hey, we all slack off at some point….I had my pumpkins, but the last one didn't get carved until the night before Halloween….

  2. Love LOVE the pictures….

    You are such a fantastic mother….

    Making certain your other two don't miss out because our boy is under the weather….



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