please check "yes" or "no"

If you had a friend…

who just happened to have THE cutest puppies in the world.

The kind of puppies that make you go “gaa gaa” every time your children convince you to take a field trip to the pet store.

The kind of puppies that don’t shed!

But do cost money (inserted for Jonathan’s benefit…cause the rest of the fam doesn’t think about these things) to care for…among other annoyingly cute puppy habits! Like…ummm…potty-ing in the house and chewing up carpets. You know…a lot like Trevy! Who…by the way…would adore a puppy for Christmas! All those puppy details, yes…

BUT won’t cost you anything to adopt! Because you have a friend who has offered to give you one for FREE!


19 thoughts on “please check "yes" or "no"

  1. if that picture is of the dog(s), then oh definitely yes!! They look like they have finger weaves in their fur!!! It's just too darn cute to pass up!!!!

    Besides, I can just picture Trevy just burying his face in the little guys fur and the dog just licking Trevy's face joyfully! They'd be best pals and friends forever!!!

  2. Those ARE the puppies! Super cute, huh?!

    And what's the with the NO votes people?!?! Is Jonathan hacking into my blog when he should be working?!?!

    Hmmmm…if you vote no…you should at least show yourself! 😉


  3. I didn't vote yet. My vote is for an older dog. I love puppies; they are so cute!!! But a lot of work. We almost got a puppy but decided on the older dog that was already house trained and super good with kids. No guess work on our parts.

  4. I'm a 'could be convinced' – would love to have a dog and those puppies are sooooo cute, but the work puts me off. And the walking in the dark, wet & gloomy British winters. And the poop-scooping.

    But ignore me, I'm just being a downer, get one!

  5. Although I voted ” I could be convinced” I do have to add that its amazing how quickly puppies turn into dogs that all of a sudden nobody is interested in at all. Its just another thing that has to be let out to potty ( if it makes it that far) and something else that needs to be fed. Cute now?? YES!!! A chore later?? YA BETCHA!!

  6. Ohhhhh…I get Johnathon's point BUT a puppy would be so good for Trevy and the other little cuties at your house. MUCH more work for you though….a toddler forever.
    My hubby won't allow a pet either…but we're cat sitting right now & it's amazing to see how this cat affects both the boys…they are so gentle & loving and take pride in being kind…and when W is hurting, it's the cat he wants, not me!

    Get the puppy! Come on Johnathon….look into those puppy eyes aka Trevy and just try & say no!:)

  7. Oh yes yes yes. You've already made up your mind. We're here for support.

    But how do you pick one from that litter? How does Toby feel about it? Will he help? And don't rule out an older dog. For multiple reasons. But shedless is a key. How big do they get? Ahh, who cares. Trevy and his dog. Yup, sounds just right.

    I'll volunteer to be Dog Nanny of the Month. When does the naming contest begin?


  8. Yes, definetly. They can add so much enjoyment to your life, although hard work at times, their unconditional love pays out.

    Good Luck with your decision.

    p.s. Is that a poodle cross, they look a little like spoodles or labradoodles.

    I have a Spoodle (Cocker Spaniel X Poodle), he's 6 and just adorable. Very well mannered, although stilll puppy-like at times. We have to get his hair cut about twice a year, as he does not molt, so it just keeps on going.

  9. I voted yes, but only if I get one too. Um, don't tell Ron I wrote that!! What kind of totally adorable puppies are they?


  10. i worked at an animal shelter for 3 years. i vowed NEVER a puppy. but i guess that could come from cleaning/playing with a large litter of puppies every day until they're all adopted. the nipping with the razor sharp teeth, the bad puppy breath, the sharp nails, the jumping, the chewing on things, and oh the exercise they need to expend x 8 or so!!!!…i'm partial to shelter dogs, specifically older, trained, well-behaved shelter dogs. BUT that's me. I love puppies but mostly love puppies in brief stints that aren't my house. if you're up for all the puppyness go for it! the kids would all love her for sure!!!!! and how great to grow up with a dog that will be around for so much of their lives. i could be convinced =)

  11. Absolutely!!!

    Yes there is work involved but it's work that each kids can take part in. Make it a family “project”, assign chores, and you will all be rewarded with unconditional love.

    …says the person who's dog decided to start howling at 3am! 🙂

  12. I have no problem voting yes for someone else, just not for me:-) If you don't mind the work, it's ok. Besides the constant hair around the house, it can be very difficult (or costly) to tavel. If you don't mind any of that, I say go for it!

    Erin M

  13. I love dogs so my answer is YES…but, it is like having another child…my dog barks at me when she want to be fed, she whines if I don't give her enough attention, and she stinks if not bathed! BUT her licks of love and happiness to see me is unconditional!

  14. I voted no. It was hard because I could tell how much you wanted one. I don't believe that we should give animals for Christmas. I think we should give them on a non-holiday so we send the message that a new life is in the home and it needs to be cared for. Give a dog at Christmas and it seems more like a toy. If its for Trevy, I suggest waiting till he is older so he can take responsibility. If it is for the whole family, and you really want to deal with the puppy clean up, walking, training and everything else then just wait till after the holiday.

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