what’s going on here?

I thought it would be “funsie” to play a little game with this picture sequence.

I thought it was funny enough to grab my camera and snap a few shots…

Soooooo…any guesses?

Leave em’ in the comments…


5 thoughts on “what’s going on here?

  1. Looks like your little man is learning how to unfasten his shoes! Being barefoot is so much better! 🙂 Thanks for the formula offer. Noah is on 4:1 ratio of KetoCal right now but if anything changes I'll let you know! Glad to hear you had a nice holiday and SO-OOO happy to hear about Trevor's progress! My heart dropped when I read about the seizures. Sorry to hear that but hopefully the drugs will keep that stupid monster away!!!

  2. Sensible answer: wants to sit down and take his shoes off but missed the chair.

    Or: he thinks if he sits on the bottom bit he can rock the chair like a big boy?

    KT x

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