random-nings…you know, just for funsies

This…my friends…is our Chewy Basket! In it you will find teethers of all shapes…prices…and sizes!

And when we catch a particular youngster chewing on something he shouldn’t…

We order him to the Chewy Basket.

And sweet glory



We’ve cracked down on the kids and the chores thing. Bristel mans the dusting. Toby the vaccuming. Which is what led to…

Toby stumbling down the stairs. Lugging the vaccum behind him.

“Hey, Mom?” pants he.

“Mmm hmm” hums me.

“This baby” pat pat patting the red canister “did some work!”


Toby has a habit of helping himself to whatever looks yummy in the fridge. I don’t mind, really. He’s always been a grazer. So it saves me time & energy that he’s learned how to take care of it on his own!

The thing is…I’m always finding half open containers with finger marks in the contents as evidence. Kinda drives me nuts-o! Which is why I hollared from the kitchen…

Toby…stop leaving things half open!

To which he replied…

But mom…that’s just what kids do!


Grams can you PLEASE make something yummy tonight?

Says Bristel to Grams during a recent slumber party.


I happened to flip Oprah on today. She was discussing disadvantaged women around the world…with video footage of underprivledged countries.

One video clip was of a woman riding a donkey…a man walking beside her.

When Bristel saw the scene she cried…

Mommy…did I just see Mary and Joseph?!

When I chuckled she proceeded…

But Mommy…it just had to be! A girl on a donkey…a boy walking beside her!

Yep…we’ve been reading a lot of Christmas board books lately…


6 thoughts on “random-nings…you know, just for funsies

  1. Haha…your kids say the sweetest things sometimes. They all seem to have such awesome personalities! Must be doing something right Mama : ) I am praying for you today. Hoping for the best possible resolution to the recent happenings.

    Love Karen

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