trim the tree (a picture marathon)

Even though it’s blurry…

I think Trevy’s face gives you a pretty good idea how he felt about breaking out the Christmas gear!

As does the pool of drool on running down his shirt!

Toby…on the other hand…preferred hiding and popping the bubble wrap

And here we have Santa’s little helper…

I manned the camera…in between wrestling fitfulls of ornaments away from Trevy’s drooly munchers!

Toby eventually found the Christmas spirit!

While I think Bristel may quite possibly BE the Christmas spirit!


This picture below…
cracks me up! It looks like Trevy is sizing up Frosty…

Sometimes even Jonathan gets sappy sentimental. Going through ornaments is one of those sometimes…

Tah Dah!

I give you…

The Foltzie Family Tree!

You’ll notice the ornaments are heavy above Trevy reach!

Oh…and did I ever tell you that I always wanted Christmas wedding? Or that I got it…

10 years ago (on the 21st) actually…


8 thoughts on “trim the tree (a picture marathon)

  1. Love it! Great pics and I love the portrait! Very nice. When's the puppy making her debut???? I'm such a dog lover it's pitiful! Without Happy Hanna in my life I certainly wouldn't smile nearly as much!

  2. Love all the pics, Bristel is truly committed to decorating, lol!

    A very beautiful tree 🙂

    Ours in on a table in the corner out of Henry's reach!!

    KT x

  3. Bri is a girl after my own heart! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas and decorating for it. To the point that I try and get away with leaving up the tree all year long. The farthest I got was June a few years ago… *grin* Hubby made me take it down despite my pointing out that it would only be another 5 months before it went back up!!! *sigh*

    I love the wedding portrait. So beautiful! And Happy Early Anniversary. I'll have to mark it in my calendar so I can't forget. *smile*

  4. Thank you for inviting us to trim the tree with your precious family….LOVED this…..The kids are really into it (especially Bristel!)….Your tree turned our gorgeous!!! And I LOVE the wedding portrait….Happy anniversary a little early!!!


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