belated birthday reflections (a picture marathon)

Happy 3rd Birthday My Beautiful Crooked Binky (and other quirky things) Boy!


5 thoughts on “belated birthday reflections (a picture marathon)

  1. Precious!!!

    Have to ask, what toy did he get that has the keyboard on it? What is the age on it?

    Kym didn't get toys for her birthday this year…literally, my house could rival Toys R Us and the thought of more toys made me cringe. Since she is happy playing with the ones we already have, I specifically told everyone to get her clothes. She needs them…since Haylee is so rough and has ruined the clothes that she got to wear after Marissa grew out of them…lol

  2. Love all the photos 🙂

    Wanted to ask what the keyboard toy is called? Looks like something my 2 boys would enjoy, but especially H, kt x

  3. Thank you for sharing your little guy's special day….I felt like I was right there!!!

    Hard to believe that my Colby was that age so long ago!

    I know you are cherishing these days…..”in the blink of an eye…”


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