a beautiful weekend (a picture marathon)


the big news first.

Cause I’ve always been like that. Too excited to not share. Dessert first kinda girl. Which totally explains my current summer clothes sitch. But that’s another story…

::drum roll::

This was our yard BEFORE

And this is our yard AFTER

Bibi bought the kids a swing set as a house warming gift.

(I bought Jonathan a couple dudes off Craigslist to install it for an early Father’s Day prez)


Bristel’s first words this morning as she ran to the window…

Better check on the playground!

Jonathan’s first words this morning while gazing out the window and sipping java…

Best $150 bucks I’ve ever spent!

The rest of the weekend has been saturated in sporting events!

Baseball games Friday night…and Saturday afternoon…

Toby is becoming quite the little athlete…

And according to Jonathan stole bases like a pro!

Okay…so if you scroll through this next set of pics reeeeeal fast. It’ll be like one of those cartoon strips you made in elementary school when you were 10. Or am I the only one? Anyway…I think it’s super adorable how Tobes makes pretend plays by himself!

It’s a great field for picture taking…

and because I’m all sappy in the heart over these two…

I got misty eyed…

and just kept clicking away…

I love that kid up there!

Daddy making sure to get a little PT in before the games started…


Beautiful weather. Baseball games. Playgrounds being installed.


Church this morning. Followed by soccer this afternoon. And another baseball game tomorrow night. Which will be a date night…since Grams has offered to keep Trevy and Bri-bee for us!


The simple things in life…



7 thoughts on “a beautiful weekend (a picture marathon)

  1. I think you made the right decision on the left side of the house!! It makes a great side area with the playset there. I think the yard looks great and the fence! I know this summer is going to be so different from last. Love and hugs all around, Bibi

  2. You needn't post this.

    Some of my favorite childhood memories were that on my swingset that my Dad gave me. Somehow green metal with a bit of wood painted red could take this little girl's imadination off to new, unimagable places. I could fly. I hope your children will fly as well.

    I think they will. Your post brings flowing tears.


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