lookin’ spiffy

Lil’ Frodo all ready to get de-shaggy-ed

I think he likes the way it feels when Miss. Karen combs his hair

Miss. Karen is SO patient with all his squirmies! 

That was the best after I could get – and he’s still handsome!

Trevy gets his hair handsomed at Karen’s Hair Design in Portsmouth, RI.  She has a special bond with Trevy.  Partly because she’s known him since he was just a bump in his mommy’s belly.  Long before seizures and brain surgeries.  Partly because her son…who is now dancing on the True Healing Side…also suffered from Infantile Spasms.  We could never have imagined how our lives would intersect the day that my mom & I chanced in the door of that little hair salon so long ago.  


6 thoughts on “lookin’ spiffy

  1. Wow. I don't believe in coincidence either, but a story like that just shoots the idea of random to heck.

    Of course he is handsome! So fun to read a post like this – thanks so much! Barbara

  2. What a handsome fellow. I guess I just don't understand, if infantile spasms are so “rare” then why do I know so many people that have been affected by them? They don't seem to be nearly as rare as the medical community makes them out to be. And it would seem that there would be more research, more doctors, more that we could do to help these kids. Nevertheless, I think Trevy looks awesome, and I'm thankful for Doctrs like Dr. Chugani who do work to help these little fighters.

  3. That's awesome! Like the day we emailed Dr. Chugani after we saw a tv clip of him in CA after doing a brain surgery….He said “Oh, I'm in Detroit now. I just set up an epilepsy clinic there.” We said, “Oh, we just moved to Michigan…..what a coincidence:)”


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