Trevy’s Wish Trip (day 1)

Our Wish Trip began in high style with limo transport from home to airport

You’d look groggy too if you’d had a 3am wake up call to catch the morning red-eye

A rare (sleepy) Toby smile

South West treated us SO wonderful…

and let the kiddos explore the cockpit…

Trevy even got to play co-pilot! 

Which actually made me quite nervous…

cause once he got over feeling overwhelmed…

he proceeded to switch and flip everything with gusto!  Yikes!  But we made it home in one piece so I guess it was okay…

We then explored all the wonderful things Give Kids the World had to offer

The little train was a family fave!  Notice Trevy’s flushed face?  That’s Topomax cheeks…a side effect is the inability to sweat which can cause a number of yucky things to happen.  Soooo…we had to make sure to take lots of AC breaks to keep the Star of the show cool. 

Bristel practicing her princess pose

One of our happiest memories was spending some time exploring Downtown Disney with the Bartenhagen family.  That’s Broc smushed between Bri & Trev. 

I totally wished I’d brought my good camera with me!  Would have made catching cute pictures MUCH easier!

One of my favorite pics of our trip!  Two IS (and brain surgery!) buddies together!


2 thoughts on “Trevy’s Wish Trip (day 1)

  1. Too bad my timing was off. It would have been great to meet you and Mike in real life. Looks like you had a great trip. I look forward to seeing the rest of the pictures.


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