iPad apps of the day

It’s ,like, the coolest paper dolls evah!  Trevy and Bristel both *heart* this app SO much that I convinced Jonathan (who gripes about it being too girly) to pop for the .99 cent version.  But it’s also available for free for the rest of you cheapskates out there!
But really…anything that keeps Trevy’s attention for 2-3 minutes in a row is worth the upgrade.  
Click here to download yours now. 
This one was a tip from another IS mommy.  Who was tipped off by her son’s Speech Therapist.  And I gotta say...it’s pretty awesome!  Promotes speech by Tom Cat listening and copy cat-ing back in a silly voice.  Along with other funny and addicting stuff.  All three of my kids loooooove this app!  And because it’s free…so does the hubs!
Trevy’s attention max is 5-7 minutes.  
Click here to download your very own copy cat.
Have I mentioned yet that Trevy knows his circle and star shapes?  How cool is that?!  Shape recognition is among his (many) goals for this year.  Which is why I decided to give this app a go.  And you know what?  I really like it!  It’s essentially a memory game with less clutter.  Shapes and solid colors only.  Trevy especially likes the “uh oh” sound effect when you miss a match. 
Holds his attention for 2-3 minutes.
Download yours here.
Okay…so this one is totally for me. You caught me.
But I did find both Trevy & Bristel playing with it today. Am I morbid that I thought it slightly comical to see them spinning the brain around like a Hanukkah top?  Bristel thought it was the coolest thing ever.  She’s groady like that.  Future doctor? 
I love all the color and information.  And it’s free, ya’ll!  

Click here if your fingers are just itching to spin a brain too. 


One thought on “iPad apps of the day

  1. Auntie Megan will like the dress up doll one!! So it is girly? Isn't Bristel a girl? and how do boys learn about girls and their likes and dislikes? Watching Mom and their sisters. So this game helps Bristel to teach the “boys” how to buy clothes for her and Mommy!!Just a thought. Bibi

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