a sedan is a hardship…even if it has leather seats

Jonathan was rear-ended in Boston last weekend. So, yeah, that’s a blessing.


I should be thankful that our insurance covers a rental while the thousands of dollars worth of repairs are being done on our Odyssey.  I should feel so cool with the leather seats and power everything the little Kia whatever the heck it is sports. Or that I’ve put more miles on the thing than anyone else. The new car smell lingers on our clothes…that’s how new the thing is.


But alas…you might be a Special Needs family if having a sedan is really a hardship.


We traded in our Toyota Highlander a year and half ago not to keep up with the Joneses. Not because we were bored. Or wanted more bling. Actually, our Highlander was pretty awesome. And even better – she was paid for.


We traded it in because it was a legitimate need. A need linked directly to Trevor and the behavioral damage epilepsy and everything else he’s been through has done to him.


We needed to be able to separate him from his siblings. So they wouldn’t have to endure his pinching, biting, kicking, smacking, hair pulling, scratching brutality…because he is a brutal beast when he’s angry. Or hungry. Or tired. Or who knows why sometimes. So pardon me if the leather seats aren’t really doing it for me. I would MUCH rather be a minivan mom, thank you very much.


And I say this after just sitting outside counting 17 laps around the house. That was how many times Trevor pinched Tobin on the way home from Grams’ house. He earned a lap for each pinch.
On the upside…by lap 17 when he was so exhausted that I thought he was going to trip over his dragging right foot and he finally said, “I no do that again”.  So who knows, maybe we’ll be able to enjoy the leather seats from here until we get our van. I’m not holding my breath though.



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