Trevor’s nap routine includes cuddling together and sharing happy, scary and/or angry thoughts from his school day. I use the thoughts he shares when we say our nap time prayers.

He usually only ever has happy thoughts to share. Today was a normal day and he only had happy thoughts.

His speech session was his first happy choice. When I called his ST by her first name he corrected me and said that wasn’t her name. I couldn’t remember her last name (she’s new to our team) and neither could he. But he was adamant that her first name was not the name I was using. He’s wrong btw but you can’t tell him that. So we moved on…

And then when we prayed I dared to thank Jesus for bringing Miss. Speech into his life to help him… I was waxing quite eloquent when he smacked his forehead with a frustrated gruff. Because I used her name that he doesn’t believe is her name. So he dramatically smacks his forehead and says…

Now I have angry to say!

To which the only response could be laughter and gobs of kisses and hugs because he’s just too stinkin’ hilarious!


Trevor: Bristel, watch Mike the Knight with me?

Bristel: NO.

Trevor: Please? Pleeeeeease? Pleeeeeeeeeeease?

Bristel: NO! I want to eat.

Trevor, with a big smile: You watch and eat!

Bristel: TREVOR…I SAID NO! I want to watch Jessie upstairs.

Trevor to me: Moooom, no eat upstairs. Right?

Me: Right, Buddy. No eating is allowed upstairs.

Trevor, with clear satisfaction and what I can only assume was a smug look at his sister: I just checking with you.


The big kids and I have a new addiction.

Trivia Crack.

Although Bristel says I make her “eye twitch” every time I say the words “it was an educated guess”.

She’s not a fan of losing to mom.


Toby sends me a PM that says: when you see this give me a hug.

He’s sitting right next to me on his laptop.

His face is priceless when he sees me get the message. Being a teen mom isn’t all bad.


And lastly…

I leave you with an amazing article by my favorite disability author.

Seven Lessons from the Disability Community


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